Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma is basically a disease of lungs in which the breathing rate gets affected. The basic cause of asthma is the chronic problems in the passage of breathing as these inflammations during breathing passage in the asthma patient can make the breathing tubes or airways very sensitive to lots of triggers. In the common term or Asthma in Hindi is known as the “Dama” especially in the rural areas. Although it did not occur often a small carelessness can lead you towards asthma because the symptoms of Asthma are very common which mostly mistaken with the flu but leaving these sometimes untreated for long can develop Asthma.

If you are allergic to dust, pollution or any environmental condition than go out with proper prevention in such type of condition because a complicated Asthma can also lead you towards death due to Asthma attacks. Today we are going to know in detail about Asthma, its signs and symptoms, causes and much more so read it out.

Definition of Asthma


Asthma is a respiratory condition which is marked up by the several attacks of spasm to the bronchi of lungs which causes difficulty while breathing and major connection of asthma is with the allergic reactions or other hypersensitivity forms.

If we talk more about Asthma then it is said that when the inflammation in breathing passage is triggered by any kind of external or internal factors of surrounding the passage walls get swollen and the opening of it fill with mucus making difficulty in breathing and choking the passage and tell muscles which helps in breathing and present in this passage gets contracted and become narrower this narrowing of airways lead to the difficulty in breathing out of air from lungs or in exhaling this obstacle in the path leads to the main and common symptom for the attack of asthma.

As in Asthma the resistance or obstruction is created in the passing out of air, therefore, this disease is also known as the obstructive lung disease. Some people who are suffering from asthma with its prolonged duration can also develop COPD which is known as Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

As asthma is a chronic disease so alike of other chronic diseases the asthma patient needs to live his every moment of life with this disease and at any time of triggers you can get asthma attack which is not pre-known and like other diseases asthma is also a reversible disease as it can never be cured completely instead it is only gets controlled in a respectful manner with proper precautions and safety. For better control over your Asthma, you are needed to have proper diagnose and regular check up it so that any uncontrolled situation can be detected early before leading to any complication. Every age group people can get affected by the Asthma and nowadays it is becoming more common among the youngsters and has become the common chronic disease among children.

Now, the main question that arises is what are the causes or factors of asthma let us have a brief look at them.

Causes of Asthma


Basically, it has found that the basic causes of Asthma are some environmental factors and genetic condition from which Genetic conditions are riskier as if you are having any family history with asthma in your close relation then, in such situation you are more likely to develop asthma or can even get it from your birth. Although the exact cause of asthma is still unknown some of the causes which can lead you towards asthma are as mentioned below :

1 . Exposure to the tobacco or smoke of wood.

2 . Inhaling the polluted air is one of the major cause of asthma

3 . Inhaling the smells which can cause irritation in respiration like perfumes, cleaning products etc

4 . Exposure to a workplace where airway irritants are used

5 . Inhaling of the substance which can cause allergy-like dust, molds, animal dander etc

6 . Any kind of respiratory infection like of flu, bronchitis, cold or sinusitis

7 . Exposure of a person to extreme cold or dry weather

8 . A high level of emotional excitement or stress and depression

9 . Less physical activities or exercises

10 . Reflux of the acid present in the stomach which is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease

11 . Menstruation

12 . Sulfites which is used as an additive in some foods or wine

These are above mentioned some of the causes which can lead to the risk of developing Asthma.

Asthma Signs and Symptoms


There are various signs and symptoms of the different disease which helps us to get a previous idea that we are going to develop any particular diseases signs are the one which warns us that we are about to develop a disease while symptoms are the indication of starting of disease in our body. Like any other disease, Asthma is also having some signs and symptoms which are helpful in early diagnosis of it which will help you be alert in advance.

Signs of Asthma

1 . A frequent cough mostly in the night time or at the time of wake up.

2 . When you exercise a little it makes you feel very tired and weak.

3 . Decrease or the change in the functioning of lungs which can be measured on the peak flow meter.

4 . Shortness of breath

5 . Losing breath very easily at little work.

6 . After completing exercise you can feel the wheezing and coughing.

7 . Cold as sign as of sneezing, cough, runny nose, sore throat, nasal congestion, headache, allergies etc.

8 . Feels tired all the time, feeling of upset, grouchy or moody.

9 . Trouble at the time of sleeping.


These above are some of the early signs of asthma if you clearly examine these signs then you can prevent asthma to develop or getting wild and complicated. Now, let us have a look at the symptoms of asthma.

Symptoms of Asthma

1 . Shortness of breath

2 . Tightness in chest or pain

3 . At the time of exhaling a sound like wheezing or whistling.

4 . Coughing or wheezing attacks

5 . Difficulty in speaking


So, these are some of the symptoms which are mostly misunderstood as of the cold so if these kinds of signs and symptoms lasts long then get a medical check-up of asthma. So there are different types of asthma which we do not know and the severity of it depends on which type of Asthma are you having let us come to know about all these types of Asthma.

Symptoms of Asthma attack

You can lead a normal life even with the Asthma and can go for weeks or months without even facing any flare but sometimes you suddenly started to feel some problems these can be the symptoms of an asthma attack which should not be ignored and taken in consideration as early as possible. So , below we are going to share some of the early symptoms of an asthma attack :

1 . A lot of Coughing especially at night which does not go

2 . Feeling cranky

4 . Losing breath or shortness of breath

3 . Trouble in sleeping

5 . Lower count of PEF or pear flow meter numbers.

6 . Short , fast and swallowed breath

7 . A sound like of whistle when you breath

8 . The feeling of squeezing in your chest

9 . Having pale and sweaty face

10 . The tightness of neck and chest muscles

11 . Feeling difficulty in talking or walking


So , these are some of the signs and symptoms which one can face just before the asthma attack which is about to occur so be ready to deal the situation and do not panic.

Symptoms of Asthma in Children


The Asthma has become very common among children and is getting them under this disease so , if you are also thinking that your child is getting into the danger of Asthma then below we are going to provide you the symptoms of asthma which generally occurs in children and help you in early recognization and control of it. Let us have a look at them :


1 . Frequent and intermittent coughing

2 . Shortness of breath in your child

3 . Congestion or tightness if chest

4 . Pain in chest especially in the younger children

5 . Trouble while sleeping due to cough , wheezing , shortness of breath

6 . Fatigue which results in the poor sleep

7 . After getting any bronchitis infection the recovery occurs very slow

8 . Trouble in breathing especially at the time of playing or exercise


Although the symptoms that occurs in children are not very different with those of adults but as children are under developing stage so they have weak system of their body and gets affected much easily towards disease and they faces new challenges at that time and the major problem is that the asthma which develops in childhood stage can never be cured only can control but tell symptoms can again occur with more severity during adult stage.

Symptoms of Asthma in Babies


Many people thought that how can a baby or kid develop asthma as they are just very small in age but this is possible as the pathways of babies are very small and the infants are very weak with the immune system so it can lead them towards the symptoms of Asthma. So , today now we are going to know about the symptoms of asthma in kids which can develop in them and can cause the problem so it is better to diagnose it early and make it in a controlled manner for the well being of your kid. The chronic inflammations in the lungs or breathing tube of babies can also cause asthma to develop. Let us get to know about the symptoms which can occur them :

1 . Difficulty in the sucking or eating of anything.

2 . The rate of breathing gets fasten

3 . The persistent coughing

4 . Fainting or getting tired of normal and less physical activities.

5 . Needs more work or efforts while breathing

6 . Pale or blue color of face, lips and fingernails

7 . Wheezing

8 . Feeling of tiredness at an extreme level

Or it can also occur due to the generation gap or can develop from parents to infants so you need to take more care of your baby or kid to keep them secure from any kind of disease.

Types of Asthma


There are basically 4 types of Asthma which are very common among people these are :

1 . Exercise – induced Asthma

2 . Cough – variant Asthma

3 . Occupational Asthma

4 . Nighttime ( Nocturnal Asthma )

Exercise-Induced Asthma

This is the first and most common type of Asthma which is induced due to the heavy exercise or any physical exertion. There are many people who normally do not have any problem with asthma but at the time of exercise, they feel the symptoms of it this type of condition of asthma is known as exercise – induced Asthma.

Cough Variant Asthma

This is another type of asthma in the dominant symptom of it is severe coughing. There can be lots of causes for coughing like chronic rhinitis , gastroesophageal reflux disease , postnasal drip , sinusitis and among all of this sinusitis can be the terms most common cause of counting during asthma , this type of mostly become dominant at the time of respiratory infections or exercise.

Occupational Asthma

This is the third type of asthma where triggers come from workplace to the person who is working there. If you have this types of asthma then you can feel difficulty while you breathe and only in the time when you are working at that place after dropping job from the particular place the symptoms of asthma also gone this type of asthma is known as occupational Asthma. In this type people generally suffer from the irritation , congestion in eye , runny nose , cough etc. Some of the persons who can develop occupational Asthma are farmers , hairdressers , breeders , nurses , wood workers , painters etc.

Nighttime ( Nocturnal ) Asthma

Now, the last common type of Asthma which come in this list is Nocturnal asthma in which the symptoms of Asthma gets higher at the time of sleeping only like cough , difficulty in breathing, wheezing and these symptoms at the nighttime are very dangerous as most of the heart burn or GERD occurs during sleep at night.


So, we told you about Asthma in this article today we come to know a lot of facts about Asthma, its definition, types, signs, and symptoms in different age group people. We also told you about the cause of Asthma so it is better to take proper precaution and if you feel the symptoms of it them immediately contact your doctor for avoiding further complications.

As we have also told you earlier that asthma is an inflammatory disease of lungs which can create breathing problems although it is not a very complicated disease but if you will not take proper care than it may also lead to complications which will be harmful to you and create a lots of trouble for solving your this problem here we have brought up the symptoms of asthma to you which will help you diagnosing it earlier so that you will be able to take proper medication on correct time as there are common symptoms of asthma which can even appear in other diseases like as of wheezing , shortness of breath , coughing , chest tightness etc we can also see this kind of symptoms in normal flu or viral but if they stay for a long time then the proper checkup becomes mandatory.

Although asthma is not a contagious disease is mainly caused by the environmental factors like of air pollution , allergens or sometimes it can also be genetic so you need not to afraid of it just take proper precautions against it and on the appearance of symptoms contact doctor immediately with a proper checkup. So , we hope that you will like this article and it will be helpful for you as you will get previous information so that it can be cured early. Although you will not feel any kind of problem, if occur then you are free to contact us if you have any query or problem then comment below we will be there to answer it and help you on our best.

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