Symptoms of Dengue Fever in Kids, Causes & Pictures

What is dengueDengue is a type of fever which caused by the bite of mosquito due to the transmittance of virus from a mosquito bite. The other name for Dengue fever are breakbone fever or dandy fever, these names are because in dengue fever people suffer from the severe muscles and joint pain which is quite difficult to bear. This disease is mostly caused in the tropical and subtropical region of the world which can be from the mild dengue fever to the severe dengue fever and can be fatal too.

Till now the cure for dengue is still not available completely some home remedies and normal treatments are used for treating the fever. Although any person can get affected by dengue fever but those who are having weak immune system got targeted first by this virus after entering into body and every time the mosquito carrying dengue virus bite you can develop this fever although after the first attack of dengue your body gets auto immunized against the virus and in most of the conditions during the second attack with strong immune system your body can fight with the virus and kill it.

Dengue Fever Pictures

There are different forms of dengue fever and the most severe form of it is known as the dengue hemorrhagic fever which is very harmful by causing severe bleeding, the drop down of blood pressure suddenly or even to death. Every year millions of dengue fever cases come in existence, it is the most common disease of South East Asia and the Western Pacific island but apart from these places, the disease is being increased with a high rate in Latin America and the Caribbean. There are many types of research taking place for creating the vaccine for dengue virus but till now the best way to get prevented from the disease is avoid the areas prone to mosquito habitat in which the dengue fever is very common. So , today we are going to tell you some signs and symptoms of dengue fever which are very important to learn by you fir early detection but before this you should know about the cause of dengue fever or why does it cause, let us have a look over it :

Dengue Fever Causes

There are four different types of dengue virus and from all of these, there is one virus which causes dengue fever in body. These viruses live in the body of mosquito as a host , when any mosquito who is infected with this dengue virus bites suddenly with the mosquito saliva virus also enter into the human body and gets started multiplying it before exposure. These viruses are mostly spread in the clean water or the stagnant water. Once you got infected and recovered from the dengue fever your body also become immunized towards the particular virus which has caused infection in your body but it will not provide you any immunity again other three types of dengue virus so , the risk that you can again get dengue fever always maintains and the risk of severity of dengue also increases with the number of time you get infected with dengue fever.

After the virus first time enters in your body due to mosquito bite the incubation period for this virus in your body is in between of 3 to 15 days ( mostly in mid of 5 to 8 days sign and symptoms occur ) before the infected person will be able to see any kind of signs or symptoms of dengue fever.As we told you earlier that the dengue fever is caused by four viruses and these viruses got transmitted into the human body by the bite of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquito as the virus needs both mosquito and human for completing its life cycle so , this proves that the transfer of this virus does not takes place from human to human.

When any mosquito gets infected by the virus then it remains infected for whole life , the transmission of virus in mosquito also takes place from human , when any healthy mosquito bites a human which is infected from the high number of dengue virus then via blood virus transfer from human body to the mosquito causing it infected. This virus of dengue fever is related to the Flaviviridae family and is RNA stranded virus. The virologists has given this virus name as DENV 1-4. All of the four viruses serotypes are related closely with each other but still have much antigenic difference that if any person got infected by one serotype and become immune towards that he or she can still got infected by the other three serotypes with more serious illness.

Risk Factors for the Dengue Fever 

There are various risk factor by means of which the dengue virus can cause infection or disease. So , either you are a healthy or infected person you should first of all consider the risk factors which can cause the dengue fever or can lead towards the complexity if already infected. So, below we are going to make you aware about these risk factors of dengue fever –

1 . If you are living in the tropical and subtropical areas of world then you are at the great risk of developing virus or in the contact of its early exposure which can cause dengue fever to you. The areas which are at the high risk of this virus are South east Asia , Latin America , the Western Pacific islands , the Caribbean.

2 . If you have already been infected with the dengue virus previously then it leads you in the great risk of having more severe symptoms or complicated dengue fever if got infected again.

3 . If you are living in those areas where the mosquito control by the government or people is nil lets you at the great risk of developing dengue fever.

4 . If you do not take any kind of precaution against the mosquito bites then you are at high risk of the virus infection.

There are many researches completed over this stating about the dengue fever and from where it comes first , following are some results concluded by researchers for the surge if dengue fever :

1 . Increasement of crowd in urban areas which gives a lot of sites for mosquitoes to grow in large amount.

2 . There are various international commerce which can contain the infected mosquito with them and in result it can cause or spread disease in an area which is free from it.

3 . Environmental changes in local or world level which provides a suitable habitat for mosquitoes to grow well and develop themselves.

4 . Travelers who travel internationally can bring the infection or virus within them which can infect the mosquitoes of the particular area which is free from diseases.

Although it gets spread from mosquito bite so , dengue fever is not considered be as contagious which means that it do not spread from one person to another healthy person from any direct or indirect contact. The virus responsible for dengue fever needs a mosquito as a vector in which it can mature and get transferred within human by the bite or during the blood of meal of infected mosquito.Now , we are going to talk about the signs and symptoms of dengue fever which are caused due to this virus and are pre indications that you are being infected with it. If you are also one who wants to be warned previously or thinking that you are being infected with the virus then below we are telling you the signs and symptoms just check them out and match yourself with them if, found any problem immediately contact to your doctor because a little delay can lead your life in danger.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

The symptoms of dengue virus take around 10 to 15 days for complete presence after the exposure with the virus , you can also experience the below symptoms within 5 to 6 days of exposure. The symptoms of virus remain same for all four serotypes so, it is very difficult to extinguish that with which serotype are you infected. The typical symptoms which one can experience after the exposure with a virus are as follows :

1 . You can got sudden fever with a very high body temperature.

2 . You can also feel a sever headache.

3 . Pain behind your eyes.

4 . The main symptoms of this exposure are pain in the joints and muscles which gets severe with time.

5 . Fatigue

6 . Nausea

7 . Vomiting

8 . After 3 – 4 days of the fever red color rashes are shown on all over the body.

9 . Swelling in your glands.

10 . Mild bleeding manifestations like nose bleeding , gum bleeding , petechiae or east bruising.

11 . Decrease in the count of white blood cells.

12 . Sore throat

13. Loss of appetite

Sometimes it happens that the symptoms are very mild that they can be mistaken for the flu or any other viral infections. Most of the people got to recover from dengue fever within a week or so by having proper medication but in some of the cases, the symptoms become severe and complicated with life-threatening danger. In the complications of dengue fever, the blood vessels got damaged and leak within the body, the count of blood platelets also lowers down very rapidly which becomes unable in the clotting of blood. When this severity of dengue fever er occur at that time it is known as the dengue hemorrhagic fever, dengue shock syndrome or the severe dengue although these complications are rare but if occurs then the situation can turn out of control leading to the death of a patient. Those people who have the weak immune system or are getting affected with dengue fever second or third time are at the great risk of getting complications or having dengue hemorrhagic fever. There are some warning signs by which one can get estimated idea for the severity or complications of dengue let us have a look at these 7 warning signs of dengue fever.

Symptoms of Dengue in Baby/Child

1 . Severe abdominal pain

2 . Blood in vomiting

3 . Enlargement of liver

4 . High or increased rate of breathing

5 . Accumulation of fluid in all over the body

6 . Mucosal bleeding which means bleeding in gums and nose

7 . The platelet count get decreased very rapidly

8 . Persistent vomiting

9 . Lethargy or feeling of restlessness

10 . Blood in urine or stools

11 . Bleeding under the skin of your body which can look like as of bruising

12 . Cold or clammy ( shock ) skin

13 . Fatigue

Symptoms of Severe Dengue Fever

Above we provided you some of the beginning signs which can warn you that you are getting towards the severity of dengue fever but below we are going to tell you some symptoms which confirms the severity of your dengue fever have a look over them :

1 . Respiratory distress

2 . Black stools

3 . Severe bleeding of skin with the blood spots on skin called petechiae

4 . Large or big patches of blood under your skin which is also called ecchymoses

5 . Severe leakage of blood plasma

6 . Impairement of organs like as liver , heart etc

7 . Several changes in the mental state which can be impaired by the consciousness

8 . Blood in urine also named as hematuria

So , if you are feeling these signs or symptoms of dengue fever then we suggest you to immediately contact to your doctor for getting prevented from uncontrolled situation. It is better to get treated before the situation gets out if control , we also suggest you to take proper precautions or preventive measures against dengue fever so that you will not get affected by it. Life is very precious take care of it with proper prevention.

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