Symptoms of Type 1& Type 2 Diabetes in Men,Women & Children

Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus is basically a group of metabolic disease , in this disease the level of blood glucose or blood sugar of a person gets increased which can be due to the inadequate production of insulin or it may be possible that the cell of your body are not working properly towards insulin so in both of these situations the person may suffer from diabetes.

The patients who are suffering from the problem of diabetes or high blood sugar may get the experience of frequent urination which is also known as polyuria and in the mean time they suddenly feels the increase in thirst and hunger which are known as polydipsia and polyphagia respectively. Diabetes is basically a very long term disease or a chronic condition , a research was made in 2013 where it was found that more than 382 million people in all over the world are suffering from this chronic disease or diabetes it very harmful for human health. Diabetes is basically of two types type 1 and type 2 , today in this article we are going to tell you about diabetes , its types , causes and signs and symptoms by which you can early diagnose it.

Before going further and knowing about diabetes let us come to know that why is it called diabetes mellitus , the word diabetes has been derived from the Greek word which means ” siphon “. At the time of second century a Greek physician named Aretus the Cappadocian gives a name to this condition called diabainein. He gives this name because the patient of diabetes pass a lot of water like a siphon so it was given a name diabetes , later in 1675 the term mellitus was added to diabetes by Thomas Willis because the disease of diabetes occurs due to the increased level of insulin and it means sugar which is sweet like honey so this is why it is named as Mellitus because in Latin the word Mel means honey so , in this context this disease was termed as Diabetes Mellitus. Now , we are going to learn about some of the early sign and symptoms of diabetes which will help you a lot in the early diagnosis of diabetes.

Early Symptoms of Diabetes

There are some early signs and symptoms of diabetes which will help you a lot. If you are feeling that there is any chance of your suffering from diabetes then here below we are going to tell you about some of the early symptoms which occurs in the starting time so just have a look below :

1 . Frequent urination means that you go to the toilet a lot and a lot which occurs specially in the night time.

2 . You will feel too much thirst rapidly.

3 . You will be going to feel too much tiredness inspite of doing more work which is unusual.

4 . You will lose a lot of your weight without even wanting so.

5 . Itching or thrush in the genital regions.

6 . Any wound or cut will not healthy early it will take more time than usual.

7 . The vision might also get blurred.


So , these were some of the early signs or symptoms of diabetes which will get you to know about it. Now , let us come to learn about the Symptoms of diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

Although a small amount of diabetes is not injuries or dangerous but ignoring it can become dreadful or even fatal so , it is very necessary to cure it as early as possible but before curing we must need to know about diabetes and diagnose it , so here we are going to tell you about symptoms of diabetes by which you can get an idea that you are at the risk of diabetes and require medication. For the common symptoms read it below :

1. Frequent urination

The major symptom of diabetes is frequent urination we go for urine more in a day than usual and this is because the unbalanced level of insulin or ineffective insulin due to which the kidneys of suffering person won’t be able to filter insulin properly and back to the blood due to which the person urinate frequently more often. Now , this present insulin will not get back into blood and it will require water to properly get dissolved in result of which your bladder fills early and you needs to urinate.

2. Disproportionate thirst

As we know that there is a relation between thirst and urine , as much as you urinate you will require more water to fulfill that losted liquid from body and this is the reason due to which you feel an extreme level of thirst more than usual.

3. Intense hunger

In the condition of diabetes, level of insulin in our body do not respond or work properly and due to which the cells of your body will not be going to get proper energy and for this our body need more energy which is only able to find with help of food so , this makes your more hungry when you were suffering from diabetes.

4. Weight gain

You might even be suffering from the weight gain problem because of the increased amount of intake of food.

5. Unusual weight loss

This is the very common symptom of weight loss which is faced by a diabetic person. As our body is unable to make the proper amount of insulin and for which our body requires to get some other sources of energy because cells are unable to get energy by insulin so , for getting energy to work our muscle tissues and fat will get break down for the energy.

6. Increased fatigue

Due to the improper level or work of insulin the amount of energy reduced in our body due to which we feel fatigue or tired without even working a lot of work.

7. More skin and yeast function

If you will have more amount of sugar in your blood then the self immunity of our body to fight with the infections will affected and specially women who are facing the problem of diabetes found the difficulty in getting recovered from a bladder or vaginal infection which can be dangerous to them.

8. Gums pull away from teeth

One of the common symptom of diabetes is tendering , redness or swelling of gums. In this the gums of the diabetic person becomes loose and the teeth pulls out from them.

9. Sexual dysfunction among men

If you are old age person that is above than 50 than it may be possible that you constantly or frequently feel the sexual dysfunction ( erectile dysfunction ) which is also a symptom of diabetes.

10. Numbness or tingling specially in the feet and hands

When our body has lots of sugar it directly effects nerves and due to which the nerves of our body can damage even the small blood vessels of our body which are related to nerves. Die to this you can also experience an amount of tingling or numbness in the hands and feet.

So , these above are some of the symptoms of diabetes Mellitus by which you can get early diagnosis of diabetes and it will be very helpful to you. Now , we are going to learn about types of diabetes as we have told you earlier that there are basically two types of diabetes let us come to know about both of these.

Types of Diabetes

Although there are only main two types of diabetes but according to New terms it has been found that there are 3 types of diabetes about which we are going to learn. So , let us come to know about all these three diabetes :

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is one of the common type of it which mostly occurs when our immune system starts attacking its own beta cells of pancreas by mistake , in this type of diabetes a very small amount or no insulin is produced by the body and this is the reason by which sugar starts building in blood and do not get utilized for energy production.

So, more than the 5 to 10 percent of the people who are getting diabetes have type 1 of it. This type of diabetes is mostly faced by the children or the people who are in their adolescence but this does not mean that type 1 diabetes can not occur in adulthood. With the help of insulin we can easily treat up the type 1 diabetes. In adults is latent autoimmune disease ( LADA ) is also known as the type 1 diabetes and this term is mostly used for describing some people who are suffering with the apparent type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 is the second type of diabetes which occurs when the body of any person is not able to properly use the released among of insulin or we can say that our body will not be able to make the adequate amount of insulin and with this result the sugar gets build of with our body and do not utilize for the energy. This type of diabetes is telling most common type and almost 90% of the diabetic people were found to be suffering from type 2 diabetes.

This type of type of diabetes mostly occurs in the adults but it can also affect children in the rare case. So , the severity of type 2 diabetes is based on it’s time and can be managed by the help of physical activities or medication.

Gestational Diabetes

This is the third type of diabetes which is found in successes, this type of diabetes is basically temporary and occurs in the time of pregnancy. Almost 2 to 4 percent of the pregnant ladies get suffered from gestational diabetes and this can also increase the risk of developing diabetes in both mother and child.

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

So, we have discussed the types of diabetes now, we are going to tell you about the symptoms of type 1 diabetes in adults which can be faced by one. These symptoms will help you to know what are you suffering or at the risk of type 1 diabetes, have a look below it :

1. Frequent urination – As we have also told you earlier that it is the common symptom of diabetes and one mostly suffers from the frequent urination problem in which you needs to go regular or constant bathroom as your kidney is unable to recycle or absorb insulin.

2. Extreme thirst: The person who is suffering with the diabetes type 1 also feels the extreme level of thirst which is because of the extreme urination as text water level gets down from the body.

3. Increased appetite: In this situation the diabetic person suddenly feels hunger and wanted to eat something frequently and this is because the proper amount of energy is not being fir Ed by your body so maintaining the level of energy our body require food.

4. Unexpected weight loss: As the body loses sugar in the form of urine and the energy production is less due to which muscle tissues and fat of body starts burning which results in the weight loss.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

As we have discussed above about the symptoms of type 1 diabetes and now we are going to discuss about the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in adults which will help you in diagnosing properly about the type 2 diabetes just look over these symptoms below :

1. Increased thirst and urination: So this is one of the common symptom as we have also discussed earlier the person suffering from type 2 diabetes also feels the frequent urination which in result increases the amount of thirst.

2. Increased hunger: This is also common in which due to less energy production our body require more energy and for this we need food because the energy production from insulin is not able to be formed.

3. Weight loss: We have also discussed about this symptom in which the problem of weight loss is faced by the diabetic person.

4. Fatigue: When we got diabetes an extreme level of fatigue or the feeling of tiredness is found in a person.

5. Areas of darkened skin: Some people who are suffering with the type 2 diabetes also have the dark patches of velvety skin and creases on their body specially in the areas of armpits and neck , this situation is known as the acanthosis which can be a sign of insulin resistance.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

Till now we have discussed a lot about diabetes and its symptoms now we are going to discuss about the symptoms of diabetes in women let us come to know about them :

1. Vaginal and Oral infection

In women, the growth of yeast increases due to the candida fungus and this can cause the vaginal yeast infection or oral yeast infection and vaginal thrush. All of these infections are very common in women with diabetes. These symptoms or infections which develop in the vaginal area can lead to the itching , soreness, painful sex and vaginal discharge and these infections can also be oral which occurs on the tongue or inside the mouth.

2. Urinary infection

The diabetic women get on the risk of suffering from urinary tract infection ( UTI ) due to these infection one can feel the painful urination , bloody or cloudy urine , burning sensation etc.

3. Female sexual dysfunction

In this disease, the nerve fibers get damaged due to the high-level glucose in blood and also affects the vaginal area or also lower down the woman sex drive.

Symptoms of Diabetes Insipidus

Diabetes insipidus is a very common disease which is found in the people which causes the unbalanced water level in the body of a person. This imbalanced water level can lead to various symptoms so , let us come to know about the symptoms of diabetes insipidus :

* Extreme thirst

* Excretion of the excessive amount of urine from body

* Trouble in sleeping

* Weight loss

* Delay in growth

* Vomiting

* Fever

* Unexplained fussiness or inconsolable crying

How to Test for Diabetes

So , this was all about diabetes , its types, and symptoms. Now we are going to tell you that how can you get rest for diabetes that are you positive or not and how many levels of sugar is increasing in your blood. The test of sugar is very easy and has two ways of it wherein first you can test for diabetes by the help of measuring blood sugar in any pathological lab and another test can be conducted by own at home which is also very simple, in this you will get the sugar kit in which you can measure the level of sugar in your blood.


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