Sign & Symptoms of Gonorrhea | Causes of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is the disease which needs to be cured in its early stages otherwise can have harmful effects of this on the person’s health. So, if anyone has symptoms or signs of gonorrhea then he / she should go for the treatment and cure it.  In this article we are going to discuss about this problem and how one can cure from this disease.

Gonorrhea Definition

Gonorrhea is a sexuality transmittal disease. It is very oldest type of sexuality disease and it is transmitted through sexual contact. Gonorrhea is a kind of bacterial infection which is causes by the bacteria named as “Neisseria Gonorrhea”.

Gonorrhea Definition

This gonorrhea does not occur at the outside of the body parts and if occur it remains for few seconds or minutes but mostly found in moist surfaces of the body cervix, vagina, penis, urethra, anus, testicle, eyes, mouth. This problem can also occur at the back of the throat.

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Gonorrhea in a Male and in a Female?

In this article we will discuss about the symptoms in which are shown in both men and women if they are infected with the bacterial infection gonorrhea.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Men & Women

This disease can occur in both men and women when there comes sexual contact. In case of men they have to suffer with thick, yellowish discharge from penis, pain or irritation during urinating, pain in bowel movement, itching at Anus, swollen or pain in testicle etc. and in case of women they suffers also from the itching at anus, frequent burning when urination, vaginal discharge in yellowish or blood form, itching at vaginal part, redness or irritation in genitals, between periods bleeding etc. in women it can cause pelvic infection which can cause difficulty in pregnancy also.

Signs & Symptoms of Gonorrhea

All these are symptoms of the gonorrhea in men and women. This infection later on can turn out to be very much dangerous for the men and women both can there occurs infertility problems as well. So, it s very much necessary that one should be aware about the symptoms and then go for the treatment of this in the right time otherwise they have to suffer with many other problems which are difficult to cure.

The important thing about this infection is sometimes you do not feel any of the symptoms as mentioned above and you feel healthy so regular check up is very much important so that you can cure this disease on time.

Gonorrhea Causes

The gonorrhea causes very health issues which are difficult to cure in the later on time. So, it should be treated on time. It can cause infertility problem if not cured on time. It spreads in the blood stream and can cause other health problems also. Painful abscess can be developed inside the penis, can affect the uterus, ovaries, tubes, and it can also cause disseminated gonococcal infection when it spreads over the blood and can have lifelong disorders like arthritis, dermatitis etc.

So, if you found any symptoms you should proceed with the treatment of this Sexual transmitted disorder as the causes of this can be quite harmful for your body.

Gonorrhea Symptoms Pictures

The Gonorrhea disease has all the symptoms which are mentioned above in most of the cases there are no symptoms pictures and you are not aware about of having any trouble but it is suggested that one should go for regular STD test that is Sexual transmitted disorder test so that if there occur any chances of this problem then it can be cured properly. 

Long-Term Effects of Gonorrhea In Males 

Long-Term Effects of Gonorrhea In Males 

The effects of gonorrhea are not only in women but also found in men also. In case of men this disease can laid to long term effect if it is not cured on time. If the bacterial infection if this spreads over the bloodstream then it can cause disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI) which causes lifelong problems like arthritis, dermatitis. It can also spread to your partner and cause serious problem to her as well. It can also affect men infertility system. So, in case of males it also turns out cause long term effects and that’s why one should not neglect such kind of serious matters and go for the treatment as soon as possible.

How Long Does It Take To Show Symptoms of Gonorrhea? 

Well, it is difficult to find out the time span to show symptoms as in most of the cases no symptoms are shown and get to know when the person goes for STD checkups. But usually in case of men it takes around 3 – 7 days and in case of women it can take long time that is around 30 days. But I said previously most of the cases no symptoms are shown in case of women there are around 80 percent of women that do not have gonorrhea symptoms and 10 to 15 percent do not suffer from any such kind of symptoms.

So, it is advised to take regular check-ups in both the cases if one does not found any symptoms of this disease as prevention is always better than cure.

What are the Symptoms of Gonorrhea in the Throat?

In the Pharynx, bacterial infection occurs which causes gonorrhea in the throat, sometimes no symptoms appear on the throat of this infection. The main symptoms of gonorrhea in the throat is sore throat, not comfortable in swallowing food, redness or sometimes white spots on the throat and discharge of yellow or white colour. All these are symptoms of gonorrhea in the throat.

What are the Early Signs of Gonorrhea?

It is better if you able to know about such kind of problem in the early stages. The early signs of this gonorrhea is irregular menstruation, discharge from penis or vagina, pain in testicle, irritation while urinating, increased vaginal discharge, sore throat, pus, pain in lower abdomen, pelvis etc. sometimes one do not have any signs or symptoms in the early stages so regular STD tests help to find out such kind of issues in the early stages.

What do Gonorrhea Look Like? 

The gonorrhea is a bacterial infection, which is transmitted during sexual contact. This bacteria name is “Neisseria Gonorrhea” which I have stated in the starting of the article also. This gonorrhea results discharge from vagina and penis, itching and burning at this infected organs and all the signs of gonorrhea are looked up when it infects the person.

How Long Does it Take for Symptoms of Gonorrhea to show up? 

In males the symptoms of gonorrhea takes 3 to 7 days to show up and in case of females it can take up to 30 days to show up but in most of the cases no symptoms are shown in both men and women.

How would you know if you had Gonorrhea? 

If you find out any of the listed symptoms or signs then you should surely go for the gonorrhea treatment. Medical treatment is advised in this case as later on it can turns out to be many other harmful health issues. But as I mentioned above most of times you do not have any of the symptoms or signs for gonorrhea and it feels like one is perfectly fit and fine.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea

In this case it is advised that one should go for regular checkups for the security basis as if there are chances or it is in early stages then can be cured easily and will not affect your other body parts.  STD test and checkups becomes very much important if you are having sexual contacts and if you are not aware about this then it can be transmit to your partner also.

Can Gonorrhea Go Away on its own?  

If you are thinking that this infection does not need any cure and can go way on its own, then you are wrong. If you avoid this problem then it can laid to many other problems like pelvis disorder, Chlamydia, infertility problems, blindness, chronic disorder etc. This is one of the viral STD which needs proper treatment. So, such kind of problems should not be avoided and this is the reason it is recommended to go for regular treatments so that you do not have to suffer with any further harmful problems because of this disease.

What Happens if you have Gonorrhea for a Year without Treatment? 

Well, if you do not get treatment of gonorrhea for a year then it can lay to many other problems on your body which will be permanent and serious also. For example: disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI), infertility problem, Chlamydia, blindness, pelvis disorder and other STD orders also. As it is viral STD disease, so if you do not cure it for a year and neglect your problems than it can transmitted to your partner as well. You cannot advised to stay without treatment for a year as it is highly recommended to cure such kind of diseases as soon as possible without wasting any time as in the early stages it will not going to harm your body and will not laid to any kind of further diseases.

How to Treat Gonorrhea at Home

Usually doctors prescribes medicines or antibiotics for such kind of problems and doctors advise is very much important if you are suffering from such kind of issues and be ready to give answers to doctors questions and prepare yourself for the meeting with the doctor as in such cases one should not hesitate only then doctor can guide you in a right way.

How to Treat Gonorrhea at Home

Home remedies of the gonorrhea consists of foods enrich with vitamin C, vitamin K, amino acids, yogurt, garlic, Aloe Vera all these are home remedies which you can go for the treatment of gonorrhea along with the doctor’s prescription.

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