Symptoms of Heart Attack in Men & Women, Causes

Heart attack definition or what is Heart attack? The heart attack is a situation in which the flow of blood towards the heart is blocked due to which the tissue loses oxygen and dies. A heart assault happens when there is a sudden finish blockage of a conduit that provisions blood to a zone of your heart.

A heart is a muscle, and it needs a decent blood supply to keep it solid. As we get more seasoned, the smooth inward dividers of the veins that supply the blood to the heart can end up noticeably harmed and limit because of the development of greasy materials, called plaque.

At the point when a territory of plaque breaks, platelets and different parts of the blood adhere to the harmed zone and frame blood clusters. A heart assault happens when a blood coagulation totally hinders the stream of blood and genuinely lessens bloodstream to the heart muscle. This additionally brings about patients encountering chest torment.

Therefore, a portion of the heart muscle begins to bite the dust. The more extended the blockage is left untreated, the more the heart muscle is harmed. On the off chance that the bloodstream isn’t re-established rapidly, the harm to the heart muscle is changeless.

A heart assault is some of the time called a myocardial dead tissue (MI), intense myocardial localized necrosis, coronary impediment or coronary thrombosis.

Some of the symptoms that persist during this time are as follows-

What are the early signs of heart stroke? Side effects of a heart assault include:

  • Uneasiness, weight, greatness, or torment in the chest, arm, or underneath the breastbone
  • Uneasiness emanating to the back, jaw, throat, or arm
  • Totality, acid reflux, or gagging feeling (may feel like indigestion)
  • Sweating, sickness, regurgitating, or unsteadiness
  • Extraordinary shortcoming, tension, or shortness of breath
  • Quick or unpredictable heartbeats


Amid a heart assault, side effects most recent 30 minutes or more and are not assuaged by rest or nitro-glycerine under the tongue.

A few people show some kindness assault without having any side effects (a “noiseless” myocardial localized necrosis). A quiet MI can happen in anybody, however it is more typical among individuals with diabetes.

Symptoms of Heart Attack in Men

The symptoms of heart attack in men under 40 or some of the symptoms of heart attack in men are as follows-

Chest Torment: This is the most widely recognized indication of a heart assault in the two men and ladies. Regularly, it begins gradually with gentle agony or inconvenience. A sudden beginning of extreme manifestations is now and then called a “Hollywood heart assault,” due to the run of the mill way heart assaults have been depicted in motion pictures and TV. A heart assault can happen along these lines, yet it doesn’t that frequently.

Chest Distress or Weight: The torment can be serious, however, it doesn’t need to be. It can be a sentiment “totality,” crushing, or weight. It can even be mixed up with acid reflux. The uneasiness frequently occurs in the left or focal point of your chest. The inclination may keep going for over a few minutes, or it might go back and forth.

Torment in Different Parts of Your Body: Torment or inconvenience now and again appears in different territories since they’re not getting enough blood. More often than not, it’s a region of the body that is over the midsection, including the upper piece of your stomach, your shoulders, one arm (presumably the left) or both, your back, neck or jaw, even your teeth.

Different Side effects: Shortness of breath, called dyspnoea, can occur with or without chest torment and may even be your exclusive manifestation. It can happen when you’re being dynamic or not and is presumably because of blockage (liquid development) in your lungs. You may likewise wind up hacking or wheezing.

Feeling tired for reasons unknown is another regular sign. You may feel on edge, as well.

Queasiness and spewing are less normal in men than ladies. A few people say they feel bleary eyed or mixed up. Another conceivable sign is breaking into an icy sweat

Mild Heart Attack Symptoms

What does it mean to have a mild heart attack? These shift from individual to individual. Not all heart assaults start with the sudden, smashing chest torment that the vast majority of us have caught wind of. Indeed, some reason no side effects by any means, particularly those that happen to individuals with diabetes.

They may start gradually, with mellow torment and inconvenience. They can happen while you’re very still or dynamic. How serious they are can rely upon your age, sexual orientation, and restorative conditions.

Cautioning Signs

Basic ones may include:

  • Chest distress that feels like weight, completion, or a crushing torment that goes on for more than a couple of minutes or leaves and returns.
  • Agony and distress that go past your chest to different parts of your abdominal area, similar to one or the two arms, or your back, neck, stomach, teeth, and jaw
  • Unexplained shortness of breath, with or without chest uneasiness


Mini Heart Attack Symptoms

What does a mini heart attack feel like? Mini heart attack is a type of heart attack which have the following symptoms –

  • Weight, snugness, torment, or a crushing or hurting sensation in your chest or arms that may spread to your neck, jaw or back.
  • Queasiness, acid reflux, indigestion or stomach torment.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Frosty sweat.
  • Unsteadiness or sudden tipsiness


Symptoms of a Silent Heart Attack

A heart assault does not generally have clear side effects, for example, torment in your chest, shortness of breath and frosty sweats. Truth be told, a heart assault can really occur without a man knowing it. It is known as a noiseless heart assault or therapeutically alluded to as quiet ischemia (absence of oxygen) to the heart muscle.

Side effects of a noiseless heart assault

“Much the same as the name suggests, a quiet heart assault is a heart assault that has either no indications or negligible manifestations or unrecognized side effects,” says Deborah Ekery, M.D., a clinical cardiologist on the most fundamental level Doctor’s facility of Austin and with Austin Heart in Austin, TX. “In any case, it resembles some other heart assault where blood stream to a segment of the heart is incidentally blocked and can make scarring and harm the heart muscle.”

Ekery routinely observes patients who come in whining of weariness and issues identified with coronary illness, and finds, through an X-ray or EKG, that the individual had really endured a heart assault weeks or months prior, while never acknowledging it.

“Individuals who have these supposed noiseless heart assaults will probably have non-particular and unpretentious side effects, for example, acid reflux or an instance of this season’s cold virus, or they may believe that they stressed a muscle in their chest or their upper back. It additionally may not be distress in the chest, it might be in the jaw or the upper back or arms,” she says. “A few people have drawn out and inordinate exhaustion that is unexplained. Those are a portion of the less particular side effects for a heart assault, yet ones that individuals may overlook or ascribe to something unique.” what are the symptoms of silent heart attack? Some of the other symptoms of silent heart attack includes-

  • Soreness in arms, neck etc.
  • Upset stomach
  • Shortness of breadth
  • Belching or heartburn
  • Overall feeling that something is wrong
  • Throat discomfort

Symptoms of Heart Attack Women

Some of the pre-heart attack symptoms in female are as follows-

  • Chest torment or distress. Chest torment is the most well-known heart assault manifestation, yet a few ladies may encounter it uniquely in contrast to men. It might feel like a crushing or totality, and the agony can be anyplace in the chest, not simply on the left side. It’s as a rule “genuinely awkward” amid a heart assault, says cardiologist Rita Redberg, MD, chief of Ladies’ Cardiovascular Administrations at the College of California, San Francisco. “It feels like a tight clamp being fixed.”
  • Agony in your arm(s), back, neck, or jaw. This kind of torment is more typical in ladies than in men. It might befuddle ladies who anticipate that their agony will be centered around their chest and left arm, not their back or jaw. The agony can be steady or sudden, and it might wax and melt away before getting to be noticeably serious. In case you’re sleeping, it might wake you up. You should report any “not ordinary or unexplained” side effects in any piece of your body over your midsection to your specialist or other human services supplier, says cardiologist C. Noel Bairey Merz, MD, executive of the Barbra Streisand Ladies’ Heart Center at Cedars-Sinai Therapeutic Center in Los Angeles.
  • Stomach torment. In some cases individuals botch stomach torment that flags a heart assault with acid reflux, this season’s flu virus, or a stomach ulcer. Different circumstances, ladies encounter serious stomach weight that feels like an elephant sitting on your stomach, says cardiologist Nieca Goldberg, MD, restorative executive of the Joan H. Tisch Place for Ladies’ Wellbeing at NYU Langone Medicinal Center in New York.
  • Shortness of breath, queasiness, or dazedness. In case you’re experiencing difficulty relaxing for no obvious reason, you could be showing some kindness assault, particularly in case you’re additionally having at least one different manifestations. “It can feel like you have run a marathon, yet you didn’t make a move,” Goldberg says.
  • Softening out up an apprehensive, icy sweat is regular among ladies who are showing at least a bit of kindness assault. It will feel more like pressure related sweating than sweat from practicing or investing energy outside in the warmth. “Get it looked at” in the event that you don’t regularly sweat that way and there is no other explanation for it, for example, warm or hot flashes, Bairey Merz says.
  • The people suffering from heart attack get exhausted easily

Heart Attack Causes

The causes of heart attack are numerous, some of them are as follows-

  • Age- age is one of the major reasons for causing heart attack. In men above 45 and in women above 55. Thus as the age increases the chances of getting heart attack also increases.
  • Diabetes- diabetes can also increase the risk of getting heart attack
  • High cholesterol levels- high cholesterol levels tend to block the arteries which in turn causes heart attack
  • Diet- consuming large amounts of saturated fats increases the risk of heart attack
  • Genetics- a person can inherit the disease from his/her parents
  • Obesity- obesity is the cause of some of the very dangerous diseases. Thus it is important to stay fit as obesity increases the chances of heart attack by a considerable margin.
  • HIV- people who are infected by HIV have a 50% higher chances of getting affected by the heart attack
  • Hypertension- high blood pressure can also increase the chances of heart attack
  • Smoking- smokers are at a higher risk of than non-smokers
  • Work stress- people who take a lot of stress have a higher chance of getting a heart attack

Can you survive a heart attack at home?

The chances of a surviving heart attack at home are very slim as soon as you notice any of the above symptoms then you should immediately call for medical help if the medical support is provided at the correct moment than lots of lives could be saved.  On the off chance that you show at least a bit of kindness assault you need treatment at the earliest opportunity. How long does a heart attack last? Generally, a heart attack typically lasts for about 15 minutes. Can a man have a silent heart attack? Yes a man can have a silent heart attack but generally silent heart attack are common among people who are suffering from diabetes.

Early treatment to jump-start the system to the harmed some portion of your heart muscle again can spare your life and point of confinement the measure of lasting harm to your heart muscle.

Numerous individuals who show at least a bit of kindness assault need crisis treatment to unblock the coronary corridor.

You may have a treatment called essential angioplasty, which is a technique to re-open the blocked coronary supply route and as a rule includes embedding’s at least one stents to help keep the limited corridor open.

Or then again you may have thrombolysis, which implies giving you a ‘coagulation busting’ medication to break up the blood coagulation that is hindering the coronary corridor.

In a few kinds of heart assault, individuals don’t get both of these two medicines since it may not be protected or suitable.

You will as a rule remain in doctor’s facility for around two to five days, contingent upon what treatment you have had and how well you start to recuperate.

In the end I would like to sum up by saying that the information that I have provided will help more and more people to identify the symptoms and seek medical help if any of the above mentioned symptoms prevail so that we can try to save as many lives as possible.


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