Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is basically a very hard and crystalline substance which gets formed within our urinary tract or kidney. The stone of kidney is also known as the very common cause of having blood in your urine which is known as hematuria. This may also lead you towards the severe abdomen pain , flank or groin. The another name by which kidney stones are also called is renal calculi. There are different kinds of stones which occur in our body , they are also having different names based on the place like stone in the kidney is considered as nephrolithiasis , stone in any of the part of urinary tract is considered as the urolithiasis , if you got the stone in your ureter then it is referred as the ureterolithiasis. Kidney stones are very small in size with less mass of salt and minerals which get deposited in your kidney area and can even take down to the urinary tract.

The size of kidney varies depending on the stage or time of development, it can range from a small speck to the large ping pong ball size so it is very important to get it cured in an early stage. Due to unhealthy and uneven lifestyle almost 5% of people in their whole life can easily develop kidney stone. It is not very specific or bounded on any age or gender because anyone can develop kidney stone but tell people who are having diseases or getting any medication are at more risk of developing kidney stone. In comparison of men women develop the kidney stone of urinary tract which is quite obvious among them , at the age of 20 to 49 most of the people develops the kidney stone and the persons who has got different attacks of developing kidney stone are more reliable of having it during the second or third decade of their life time. If you are the one who is having more than one stone in your kidney then there are lots of chances that you can get more stones in it so proper precaution or care are necessary.

The people who are living in the areas of industrialization are at the great risk of developing kidney stone as compared to any other stone and the reason of this is mostly considered as dietary habits. The people who are living in the regions of southern west US are considered to have the great risk of developing kidney stone as compared to the other area residents. The another main chance of developing kidney stone is genetical if there is any historical background of kidney stone in your family then you are at a great risk of developing it.

The researches has also been proved that the changes which occurs at the time of pregnancy can leads to the development of kidney stone and therefore pregnant women are at great risk of developing it. The main factor which is considered to be responsible for the development of kidney stone during pregnancy is slow passage of urine due to the increased level of progesterone in body and the less intake of fluid because of the lower capacity of urinary bladder due to increased size of uterus

Causes of Kidney Stone

* There are various causes due to which kidney stone can develop but the major cause which is in account is the decrease in the volume of urine or the excess intake of stone causing substances in the urine.

* Most of the kidney stones are known as calcium stones which are made with the combination of calcium with oxalate or either phosphate. There are several other compounds present in the urinary tract which can form kidney stone like as of magnesium ammonium phosphate , uric acid , amino acid cysteine.

* Dehydration in body which can be due to the less fluid intake or the strenuous exercise without having the property fluid replacement can also develop the risk of getting kidney stone or any kind of obstruction to the flow of urine due to any means can also lead to the risk of stone formation.

* Now , the another cause of developing kidney stone can also be climate change , people who are residing in the areas which are hot and dry can develop the kidney stone as in lack of fluid or due to hot and dry weather they become dehydrated and more prone towards the stone formation.

* Any kind of infection in the urinary tract can also let you towards the kidney stone and these kind of stones are known as the struvite or infection stone.

* Due to the inherited or genetic disorders in the metabolic activities or any kind of metabolic abnormality can also effect the composition of urine which can lead you at the risk of developing kidney stone.

Apart from all of these situations there are different medical condition which can also let a person towards the risk of developing kidney stone at high level. Some of these disease are explained below let’s have a look at them :


1 . Gout : This disease basically results in the increasement if the uric acid in your blood and urine which can lead you towards the development of kidney stone due to increased uric acid concentration.

2. Hypercalciuria: Hypercalciuria is known as the high calcium amount in your urine , this is also known as text inherited condition in which almost 59% of cases can easily develop stones. During this situation the excess amount of calcium gets absorbed by body from food and then it is excreted out in urine where it can easily develop kidney stones of calcium phosphate or calcium oxalate.

3 . Chronic diseases: There are various chronic disease like as of high blood pressure or hypertension , diabetes which can also lead a person at the risk of developing kidney stones.

4. Bowel diseases: People who are suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases can also develop the kidney stone.

5. Intestinal bypass: Those persons who has undergone through any kind of intestinal bypass or ostomy surgery are very likely to get the kidney stone.

6. Hyperoxaluria: This is a condition which is inherited and uncommon basically know as primary hyperoxaluria , in this disease the level of oxalate gets elevated which can lead you at the risk of developing kidney stone.

7. Dietary factors: There are different kind of dietary factors which can lead you towards the stone formation specially if you do not take the adequate amount of fluid then your body gets dehydrated in this situation you can develop a kidney stone. There are some more diet which if not taken in adequate amount can cause kidney stone like as high salt diet , intake of increased amount of animal protein , excess sugar intake , excess supplementation of vitamin D or the inappropriate consumption of oxalate rich foods like as spinach.

8 . There are various kinds of medication situations which can also cause kidney stone like as drugs which treats HIV infection , protease inhibitor indinavir ( Crixivan ) , diuretics , calcium containing antacids.

So, these above mentioned points or situations are some of the causes which can lead you at the great risk of developing kidney stone it is better to take proper care in advance for avoiding any kind of future problem.

Pain location in kidney stone

This is the mostly asked and wondered situation by the patients of kidney stone that where do they develop pain and how sever is it. If you are also one who is thinking that you are having kidney stone then you must know about the kidney stone pain. The kidney pain is also known as the renal pain which means that pain in kidney due to any disease or injury. The one who is at risk of developing or developed kidney stone can experience the pain at the one side of upper abdomen or at the back side just below the rib cage. But if you are experiencing pain in any of these areas do not confirm the presence of kidney stone. As we know that kidney is situated at the back of your abdomen below rib cage on the each side of spines , so at the situation of kidney stone you can experience pain in these areas any of the side depending on the location of stone.

Passing of kidney stones

At the early stage of kidney stones with the proper medication and precautions it is seemed that kidney stone gets passed from your body on it’s own with help of urine. It is said that the normal passage time of kidney stone from body is around 6 weeks ( for 5 to 6 mm kidney stone ) although it also depends on the size of urine. The passing of kidney stone is painful but it do not cause any kind of permanent damage to your body if they gets cured on time. The only thing you have to do for the passage of kidney stone is just take the proper amount of medication as prescribed by doctor and drink adequate and large amount of water so that it will be less painful and early passage.

Symptoms of kidney stone

As it is not necessary that every person having kidney stone feels symptoms although some do not experience them but people who are facing the problem of kidney stone can figure out some changes like sudden onset of excruciating , groin abdomen pain , cramping pain at the side of lower back although you can not get relieve from these pain by changing body position. The pains like of abdomen , back pain , or groin can become drastically unbearable , they can be as much severe and worst pains like developed during childbirth or broken bones. There are some more symptoms which can be faced by one suffering from kidney stone as listed below :


1 . Nausea

2 . Vomiting

3 . Fever and chills

4 . Difficulty at the time of urination

5 . Penile pain or testicular pain among men

6 . Urinary urgency

7 . Severe pain below ribs in the back side

8 . Pain during urination

9 . Pain comes in waves and fluctuations at the intensities

10 . Small amount of urine

11 . Blood with urine which can change its color to red , pink or brown


So , these above were some of the symptoms which one can experience at the time of kidney stone , now for the early detection of kidney stone we are going to tell you about 5 early signs and symptoms which will help you a lot in knowing the severeness before getting complications.

Early Symptoms of Kidney Stone

There are some of the early signs and symptoms which will help you in detecting the problem at the starting stage and you will be able to take proper medication for it. So, below we are going to tell you about 5 signs and symptoms which one can get before or at the developing stage of kidney stone.

1. Frequent and painful urination

The earliest and most common sign of developing kidney stone is sudden increase in the amount or frequency of urination with the urgent uncontrollable condition. You may feel the urgent need of urinating instead you have not been even take the large amount of fluid or water. You will feel the urgency but during urination, you see a little amount of excreted urine which means that your body is not having enough amount of liquid to excrete out.

2. Spreading back pain

The patient can also experience an unusual and severe back pain which mostly account at the side of their back just below the position of ribbon cage or you can say the position where kidneys are present and with tracking increased situation or condition of kidney stone the pain can get increased and move up to the abdominal side in the groin area which results in the fluctuation waves and throbbing pain. The duration of these pain waves can be different which can lasts from few minutes to the few hours which is completely dependable on the size of kidney stone. If the kidney stone develops in men then they can also experience pain in their scrotum or testicle region.

3. Blood in urine

As we told you earlier that in kidney stone you can experience the frequent and painful urination but in addition to it after some time you can also notice a change in the color of urine which can be from yellow or white to red , pink or brown this condition appears only in case of kidney stone mostly. If the problem of kidney stone or the size gets increase and the blockage of urethra occurs then you can also experience a small amount of blood with your urine , this condition is known as hematuria. The size of kidney stone can greatly idealize by text amount of pain you experience , if the stone size is large ten the severity of pain will also become intense while smaller sized stones leads mild discomfort.

4. Nausea and vomiting

Many people who are suffering from kidney stone has complained that they feels nauseous and this situation of nausea can also lead to vomiting which can even let you towards more complications and problem of dehydration and it is been resulted that the main cause of vomiting is the pain which you can experience at the passage of kidney stone. The another cause of vomiting can also be the increased amount of toxins or impurities in your kidney as due to stone the proper excretion do not occurs which leads to the dysfunction of kidney so for expelling this increased amount of waste from your body you can result the situation of vomiting.

5. Pungent smelling urine

The patients who are going through the problem of kidney stone can notice the cloudy appearance of urine with a pungent and foul odor you can experience this foul odor due to the increased concentration of heavy chemicals and toxins in your urine. As we all know that kidney plays a very important role in the excretion of toxins or chemical impurities from body and most of these substances gets excreted out with the help of urine so due to the improper functioning of kidney due to presence of stone you can feel this foul odor in your urine because of increased concentration.

Foods that cause kidney stones

There are various causes or situations which can cause kidney stone but the another main situation in which one is likely to develop the kidney stone is improper intake of food. So now we are going to tell you about those foods which can cause kidney stone :

High oxalate foods – There are various plants which contain oxalate in then so it is not possible to avoid the consumption of oxalate but at least we can minimize it so , the foods which contain high amount of oxalate are


1 . Spinach

  1. Rhubarb

3 . Grits

  1. Beets

5 . Almonds and cashews

6 . Cocoa powder

7 . Miso soup

8 . French fries

9 . Okra

10 . Baked potatoes

11 . Sweet potatoes

12 . Raspberries

13 . Stevia sweeteners

14 . Bran cereals and shredded wheat cereals

These above are the foods which contain high amount of oxalate in them but if you eat or drink a proper amount of calcium rich food on same time then it will properly handle this situation and do not turn it into kidney stone. So , pair your oxalate diet with a calcium rich diet to avoid any such kind of situation.

Salt – The increased amount of salt can increase the level of sodium intake in your body which in result will raise up the calcium amount in your urine which can lead you towards the risk of developing kidney stone. So limit up the food which contain large amount of salt like as packed meats , canned food , condiments and fast food.

Animal protein – This is the another major food which can increase the amount of unnecessary protein in your body and you will be likely to develop the condition of kidney stone formation , these foods include beef, cheese, eggs , fish , pork etc.

Vitamin C – Although a proper amount of vitamin C is very good for you body and necessary to take but too much intake of it can lead your body to produce excess amount of oxalate which can result in the formation of kidney stone.


So, this was all about today’s article we told you lots of informative and basic things about the kidney stone which are very helpful for you. We come to know about the different risk factors and causes which can develop kidney stone , then we learn about the symptoms of kidney stone which one can experience while suffering from this condition we also discussed about the early signs of it which will help you to get alert previously before getting any kind of complications. Although kidney stone is not that much dangerous but if do not get cured on time then it can lead to complications and trouble you very much. The worst part which we experience during kidney stone is the pain Which is very severe and unbearable so , by taking and avoiding some foods you can easily prevent the situation of developing kidney stone. We suggest you to drink proper amount of fluid and if you feel any symptom of kidney stone then contact to your doctor immediately before it get too late. Hope you will like this article and if you have any kind of query then let us to know below in the comments section we are here to help you.

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