Foot Cancer Symptoms Pictures

Big Toe Cancer Symptoms The first symptom of the cancer is often a change in the shape, size, colour, or texture of mole or nails. This type of cancer is also called melanoma. People who have moles that are harmless, but identifying changes in their moles is crucial for catching melanoma early. This applies for […]

Early Signs & Symptoms of Cholera | Causes of Cholera

Definition of Cholera Cholera can be defined as the disease that causes watery Diarrhea. It causes dehydration and if not treated I can be life threatening.  The side effect of this disease is lot of watery runs that endures for couple of days. Retching muscle problems may likewise happen. Loosing of the bowels is severe […]

Symptoms of Anemia, Sign, Causes & Types

Anemia Definition: Anemia is a type of disease in which the RBC (red blood cells) of body are depleted, the function of red blood cells (RBC) is to supply oxygen to different parts of our body. With deficiency of RBCs enough amount of oxygen do not get supplied to all parts of your body that make […]

HIV Rash Pictures on Body

HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) When enter the human body destroys the immune system that is considered as the natural defense of our body to fight against various infections. Once this virus enters in the body it destroys a type of white blood cell (WBC) called T-helper and multiplies itself hence weakening our immune system. Our […]

Signs & Symptoms of HIV Rash Pictures

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) attacks the immune system of the human body that is the body’s natural defence against disease. This virus destroys T-helper cell which is a type of white blood cell. HIV multiplies itself inside this cell. The t-helper cell is also known by the name of CD4 cells. It gradually breaks down […]

Early Symptoms of HIV Pictures On Body

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that attacks the immune system that is the natural defence of our body against illness. The HIV virus destroys a kind of WBC (white blood cell) called T-helper cell that is present in the immune system by multiplying itself inside these cells. T-helper cells are also known as […]

Symptoms of Dengue Mosquito Images/Pictures

Dengue is caused by mosquitos’ virus. It is a very severe disease that can be life-threatening. This disease is also known as “break-bone fever” or “dandy fever”.  It usually causes a high fever from about 104F to 105 F, skin rashes and pain. It is caused by the bite of mosquito called Aedes aegypti that […]

Early Signs of Breast Cancer Pictures

Breast Cancer is the most common disease among women. It can become life-threatening if not diagnosed on time. This type of cancer occurs in breast cell. After puberty, a woman’s breast starts developing fats, thousand of lobules, connective tissues and tiny glands that produce milk for breastfeeding. Sign of Breast Cancer Pictures If these cells […]

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer Pictures

The breast cancer that originates from the breast tissue starts with the most common symptom that is new lump or mass. That mass is hard and painless and has irregular edges, It can also be tender, soft, or rounded. The lump may or may not be painful. Other possible symptoms of breast cancer are: Swelling of all breast even […]

Early Stages Breast Cancer Lump Pictures

A lump is the first symptom of breast cancer. Early detection of this symptom can turn breast cancer into survivor’s tale. It is protuberance, localized swelling bump or bulge that develops in the breast. It feels different from the breast tissue around it. The female breast is made of different types of tissues. Two main […]