Symptoms of Walking Pneumonia in Kids (Babies)

Pneumonia is basically a bacterial infection which is caused by the bacteria, this infection causes inflame in the air sacs of lungs either to one or in both lungs. During pneumonia air sacs of lungs get filled up by fluid or pus ( purulent material ) which causes to cough with pus or phlegm. There is a huge variety of organisms which can cause pneumonia-like as of bacteria, virus, fungi etc.

Although pneumonia generally not become severe but a quite carelessness can cause serious pneumonia and tell severity may vary from mild to the life-threatening and this infection is most common among infants or young children or to the people who are of old age more than 65 years or the persons who are having health problem or weak immune system are more prone to develop pneumonia either in any age of life. There are lots of causes which can develop pneumonia even the people who are suffering from chronic disease like as of COPD and asthma are at the great risk of developing pneumonia.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

As pneumonia is an infection which can get by anyone and it is good to know symptoms of pneumonia in advance so , here we are going to tell you about the symptoms of pneumonia which one can get during mild or severe infection , these symptoms are completely depended over various factors like on the type of germ which is going to cause infection , your age in which you are and on your overall health status. If you will develop mild pneumonia then you will see that the symptoms of it are almost similar to tell common flu or cold but they often last for more time as compared to the cold or flu. So, below we are providing you some of the symptoms of pneumonia which will help you in diagnosing it.

1 . The infected person may feel pain in chest at the time of birth and or a cough.

2 . A feeling of fatigue or tiredness.

3 . Sometimes in pneumonia mostly with the people of all age who are in around more than 65 years can get the feeling of confusion or change in their mental state.

4. This is the common symptoms of pneumonia in which infected person may get the fever , sweating or shaking chills.

5. The temperature of the body will also get down as compared to the normal temperature especially with the old age people or have the weak immune system

6. Shortness of breath

7 . You may also get feeling of nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

8 . You can also get a cough with the phlegm or pus

The infants or newly born children are at the great risk of having pneumonia and it may be also possible that they will not show any kind of sign or symptom of infection and sometimes they may also show some signs like as of vomiting, fever and cough, seems tired or restless with low energy or they may also feel difficulty at the time of breathing.

Symptoms of Pneumonia in Babies (Kids)

There are some of the symptoms which are shown by babies when they get pneumonia. As it is more common that babies get pneumonia early as compared to adults so we are in tension if our child is having pneumonia or suffering from it, therefore, we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms of pneumonia in babies have a look below :

1. A dry cough

2 . Low or high fever with chill

3 . Tiredness or lack of energy

4 . A cough

5 . A sore throat

6 . Loss of appetite

7 . Nasal congestion

8 . Diarrhea

9 . Difficulty in breathing


These are some of the above symptoms which can be seen in babies when they got acquired by pneumonia and by watching over them you will get an idea and will be able to properly diagnose your child.

The kids are more prone to get acquired by pneumonia so it becomes very important for us to keep an eye over them and if any sign or symptom of pneumonia appear then take a quick action toward that this will help you in treating it before getting severe. So , let us have a look at the symptoms of pneumonia in kids :

1 . Your child may look pale.

2 . You will see that he is crying more which not usual.

3 . Become irritable or restless.

4 . Your child may also vomit.

5 . He might become limp or lethargic.

6 . High fever

7 . Flushed skin

8 . A bluish tint to the lips or nails bed

9 . Sweating more than often

10 . Wheezing

11 . Difficulty in breathing

12. A cough

These are above some of the symptoms which can appear in your kid when he got affected by pneumonia so if you see such symptoms contact your doctor immediately to avoid any complications.

Walking Pneumonia

Walking pneumonia is also a bacterial infection which can easily affect your respiratory tract on both sides upper or lower as said that it is also caused by the bacteria.

The another name by which walking pneumonia is also known as atypical pneumonia it is also a kind of character in the sci-fi horror flick, this kind of pneumonia is although not very risky or scary and is not very severe like as of other types of pneumonia and the symptoms caused due to tell walking pneumonia are not that much severe as they require hospitalization or bed rest , tell symptoms of it are more common as of cold and may even sometime go unnoticed. You may also get rash during walking pneumonia which is known as the walking pneumonia rash. We consider walking pneumonia as of atypical because the cells which cause pneumonia are resistant to penicillin and the drugs which are normally being used for treating pneumonia so , around 2 million of people in the United States got infected by walking pneumonia every year and it mostly lasts up to week to a month and then gets cured.

Walking Pneumonia Symptoms

Now, we are going to learn about so of the symptoms of walking pneumonia although they are very mild so you need to worry if these symptoms appear you can visit to doctor if symptoms last longer. Let us have a look at the symptoms of walking pneumonia :

1 . Chills

2 . A sore throat

3 . Rapid breathing

4 . A headache

5 . Symptoms which are similar to flu

6 . Wheezing

7 . You may also get inflammation in your windpipe or in the main branches of it

8 . Chest pain

9 . Vomiting

10 . Labored breathing

11 . Loss of appetite

12 . Abdominal pain

So , these are some of the basic symptoms of walking pneumonia which can appear in a person who is being infected with it, these are very common symptoms which can get cured by their own within a week or month. There are basically three types of walking pneumonia by which a person can get affected these are mycoplasma pneumonia, chlamydial pneumonia, and Legionella pneumonia.

Types of Pneumonia

So , we are learning a lot about pneumonia and it is also important to come across toward different type of pneumonia. There are different types depending on germs, location or treatment so we will be going to discuss each in detail. So, now we are going to classify different types of major types of pneumonia on the basis of the cause of infection or how the infection acquired and where the infection has been transmitted. Let us look at them how :


Types of Pneumonia by Germs

On the basis of organisms or germs which causes infection, pneumonia is of 4 types –

1 . Bacterial pneumonia: This is one of the most common types or cause of pneumonia which is caused by the bacteria named as Streptococcus pneumonia. Bacterial pneumonia can also be caused by chlamydophila pneumonia and Legionella pneumophila.

2 . Viral pneumonia: There are some respiratory viruses which also cause pneumonia mostly in the old people or young children although viral pneumonia is not very severe and usually lasts for less time as compared to bacterial pneumonia.

3 . Mycoplasma pneumonia: Mycoplasma is the organisms which do not come under virus or bacteria and are containing the features of both virus and bacteria. Pneumonia which is caused by the Mycoplasma is usually mild and is caused mostly to the young adults or to old people.

4 . Fungal pneumonia: There are different types of fungi found in soil or birds dropping which are able to cause pneumonia in those people who inhale such organisms in a large amount , the people who are suffering from chronic disease or have a weak immune system are also at the great risk of developing pneumonia by these organisms. Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia ( PCP ) is a kind of fungal pneumonia which mostly affects the person who is having a weak immune system like those who are suffering from AIDS or it has also been seen that PCP is telling first sign of getting AIDS.


Type of pneumonia by location

We can also classify pneumonia on the basis of place from where you acquired it let us know this types –

1 . Hospital-acquired pneumonia ( HAP )

This is one of the types of bacterial pneumonia which is acquired from the hospital or during the stay in a hospital. This pneumonia can become more serious and complicated then any other kind of it as the bacteria which causes this pneumonia can be resistant to antibiotics and it becomes very difficult to be cured.

2 . Community – acquired pneumonia ( CAP )

This type of pneumonia is basically acquired by the outside areas other than medical or institutional settings.


Types of pneumonia on which how they are acquired

So, we can also classify pneumonia on the basis of how they are acquired by a person we are going to learn about these type of pneumonia :

1 . Aspiration pneumonia : As the name suggests this type of pneumonia is mostly caused when you inhale bacteria in your lungs by means of drink , find , saliva or any other the aspiration pneumonia mostly occurs to those who are having problem with swallowing or if they become too much sedate towards the medication used or alcohol or any type of illicit drugs.

2 . Ventilator – associated pneumonia ( VAP ) : The people who are surviving on ventilation gets pneumonia then this type of pneumonia is known as the ventilator associated pneumonia or VAP.

Is Pneumonia Contagious? 

This is the most asked question by everyone that is pneumonia contagious means it can spread through the direct or indirect contact with an infected person. Yes , the answer to this is yes the most type of pneumonia are contagious in nature which can easily get spread from the contact with infected person. The viral and bacterial types of pneumonia can easily get spread through the inhalation of droplets which comes in the air at the time of sneezes or a cough. There is one more type of pneumonia which is fungal pneumonia and is caused by the fungus , this type of pneumonia do not spread from one person to another which means that it is not contagious.

How Long Does Pneumonia last?

This is one of the most important asked question by the patient that how much time will it take to recover from pneumonia now we are going to tell you this. When the bacteria , virus or fungi enter into your body the symptoms of pneumonia starts appearing after some time or it might also take one to three days in showing symptoms of it. Walking pneumonia gets cured early it takes only in between of one week to a month. The other types of pneumonia recovery time depend on various other factors which are :


1 . Your health and age – If you are a young and healthy adult then you will get recovered from pneumonia early or quick as compared to other patient while the people who are of old age and suck takes more time to get recovered from it and sometimes complications may also occur like as of septicemia in which the whole body gets infection of bacteria or another type of complication is bacteria in which your blood gets infected with bacteria.

2 . Your immune system – This plays a very important role in the time of recovery from pneumonia if you are having a weak immune system then you will get recovered very slowly and are also at risk of getting severity or complications while the people with strong immune system get recovered from it very quickly.

3 . Cause of pneumonia – This is another factor which also defines the time of recovery , if you get pneumonia by virus then it is less severe and get recovered early while we bacterial pneumonia takes more time to get recovered.

4 . Time of treatment – This factor also depends on the recovery time if you delay in the treatment then the process of recovery will also get slow while if you treat pneumonia in early stage then you will get recovered quickly.

The general time of getting recovered from a normal pneumonia is around 2-3 weeks to the month.


Signs that Pneumonia is Improving

This is also one of the major thing that when will they start recovering from pneumonia fatigue and about this person should be aware and get relaxed when they find that they are being recovered from pneumonia so, therefore below we are going to provide you some of the signs which indicate that your pneumonia is improving or you are getting recovered from pneumonia. These symptoms will also help you in identifying that any kind of complications are occurring or are there any chance of complication. So , these are the signs which will help you in Identifying that you are recovering from pneumonia :

1. In the first week

You will see that your fever has completely gone.

2. In four weeks

Now, you will see that chest pain and the production of mucus has been reduced substantially.

3. Six weeks

In this time you will feel that a cough and breathlessness are needed to be reduced or will slow down.

4. Three months

By this time you will see that most of the symptoms of pneumonia will get solved but you may still get the feeling of tiredness or fatigue.


So , this was all about the Pneumonia we told you almost each and everything about it and help you to know that in how much time will you get recovered from it. We also come to know different causes or types of pneumonia and the main thing which we focused over are the symptoms of pneumonia in different age group peoples. It is very important to treat pneumonia on correct time you can even do pneumonia treatment at home but if you ignore it then this may also lead you towards complications from where it will become very difficult to get recovered quickly or in rare cases it may also become fatal even leading you towards death.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

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