Symptoms of Pregnancy in 1 Week/ 2 Week/ 4 Week/ 12 Weeks

Pregnancy this is most probably the only word in this entire universe which brings the sense of a genuine happiness to the face of not probably only humankind but to the faces of every living being that is existing around us. Pregnancy this is not only the word rather it consists the whole world in itself this word has the root of all living and mortal being on this earth the word pregnancy in other word should be called and known as life since this word conceptually starts a life to be existing on this planet called earth.

Pregnancy is not just a word in itself rather it is  a happening of a divine incident in a womb of a mother which in turn gives a mother a noble cause called a motherhood. Pregnancy on one hand generates a life for one noble soul which is about to take a ride of life being on the mother earth, and on the other hand it gives a life to many other in a family . A mother which is practically the only divine soul on this earth who gives birth to a life and pregnancy this is the only word for a mother which gives a sense to her of being alive and fully full filled. A pregnancy is something which not only adds a new life to a mother and family but it also gives a different view and perspective to each member of family. It sets hopes for a family of a coming future it sets expectations, the dreams, and the entirely new journey of life towards an ultimate and  a charming destination.

Happening of a pregnancy to a mother is the most beautiful blessing of almighty but as we know every beautiful thing needs to be taken care of it similarly pregnancy also requires the same kind of supervision with an utmost care from its conception till delivery. Although we the generation of today live in the highly advanced medical science arena but despite of that there still arises the scenario of pregnancy miscarriage and when such cursed incident happens to a mother it just ends everything just like a last night beautiful dream ended before coming to the reality. Considering all such incidents a mother and the family needs to be extra carefull and completely dedicated towards all the signs of pregnancy right from the conception till the formation and then ultimately till the delivery since these signs of pregnancy indicate almost everything about the formation of baby and as well as the health of the baby and the mother.

With the help of these Pregnancy signs a complete schedule can be made to be followed carefully by the mother these signs helps in making a complete routine for the mother in a particular time zone of pregnancy and following the schedule accordingly ensures the good health of both the mother and the would be newly born baby. Pregnancy signs work like a alarm they keep on going and alert the person when there is any need.

Talking about the statistics of pregnancy miscarriage in united kingdom there happens to be a 1 miscarriage case  in all 4 pregnancies and that is despite of being among  one of the most developed countries in the world so you can guess the ration in the least developed or under devloped countries in the world there happens to be a huge proportion of pregnancy miscarriage.

There contributes many reasons to the miscarriage of pregnancy  and most of them are related to lack of knowledge and the awareness among the people, they tend to ignore or neglect  the importance of pregnancy signs they play the most important roles in understanding and making the complete map of this beautiful conceiving journey. Making people aware about the Pregnancy signs could cut the greater risk of miscarriage , despite of being into 21st century where the medical science is getting at its peak there are statistics that around 15 to 25% of the pregnancies all over the world ends into miscarriage. This figure is very shocking at the one end to the world and deeply saddening on the other hand to a mother who goes through such barbaric scenario where she loses the existence of her most beautiful dream. Since miscarriage is something which not only ends the physical existence of the baby with this it dooms a mother on both physically and most of all at mental level it shatters all her hopes and brings to her the negative vibes about the future perspective of pregnancy.  Women tends to believe  into their perspective that if they face the miscarriage once then they are most likely to face it again but that is just a myth since a miscarriage is something very terrible to be faced at emotional scale but in medical science it is a very common case these days and there is no such risk of miscarriage  just because one had already faced it in the past scenario.

Pregnancy signs are the natural occurring changes into a woman body they keep on changing from the day of the conception of the baby till later until the delivery day of the baby. These signs are there to make a person aware about whatever changes are there happening inside the womb of the mother and considering those signs we may know the actual state of pregnancy from one point of time to other. There are some pregnancy signs which occur from day one to later until delivery, and with the help of these signs it can be made sure that whether a woman has got pregnant and if she is pregnant then at which point her pregnancy has reached and after being sure with that some respective actions can be taken if required in accordance to the case. These signs have been used by the medical science since ages and they always reveled the inside story of the mother’s womb, some of those signs are recorded here below

Symptoms of Pregnancy

Changes in body this is the very first sign of pregnancy a mother has goes through the immense changes in her body before she gives birth to the newly born body of her baby.

Some overall Symptoms of Pregnancy include nausea followed by the vomiting, there arises a sudden and frequent urge of urination as a woman embraces the pregnancy and other than this some changes come in the breasts of a woman , a woman goes through the frequent mood changes in pregnancy the cravings of food consumption arises significantly and with that the mother puts on some extra weight to her overall body the abdomen region in particular .

The belly starts growing in size during pregnancy and as the pregnancy progresses further the size of uterus starts expanding with the natural increase in the size of baby.

Getting stretching marks during the pregnancy is also the other common symptom since as the mother puts on the extra weight the scene tends to stretch and due to that stretching marks occur. Other than these signs the fast growing finger nails during around the fourth month of pregnancy is the other sign the finger nails starts growing  in size faster than the usual time. The body during pregnancy starts retaining more fluid than the normal measure and due to that ankles and the feet may get swollen of the mother. These are the overall changes that occur during the pregnancy and it is not universally true for all the mothers to get all of these changes, the changes occur from one body to another.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Before missed Periods 

This is the most  earliest phase of pregnancy which depicts the symptoms of early pregnancy. A female who has attained the age of puberty is bound to get the menstrual period cycle, it is a technical term in medical science for getting pregnant.

A female when embraced the menstrual cycle experiences bleeding from her sexual organ, it happens because by the age of puberty in females the uterus becomes thicker and richer in all the blood vessels that are required for pregnancy. If during this period the females gets pregnant then the menstrual cycles stops on its own since at that time the female body starts producing pregnancy hormones known as human chorionic gonadotrophin or hcg hormones in short . On the other hand, if the pregnancy does not occur then this lick uterus remains shed and is accompanied by the bleeding each month we know this period by menstrual cycle it lasts anywhere from 3 to 8 days varying from one female to other. This menstrual cycle is controlled and regulated by the complex orchestra of hormones this hormone is produced by the pituitary gland along with the ovaries.

This menstrual cycle in females indicates some clear signs of symptoms of pregnancy before missed period as explained above during the pregnancy the female stops having the menstrual cycle of periods this is the very first sign that indicates a forwarding steps towards pregnancy if this halt of menstrual cycle is followed by some other symptoms  such as bleeding and menstrual cramps it generally happens before a week of missed periods . In other words if there is had an intercourse during the fertile window that is the ovulation time which generally comes after the 11 or 14 days after you get your period this is the fertile window for a woman and a woman during this time is most prone to get pregnant .So if the menstrual cycle or the periods are missed during that time then there are the significant chances of conceiving a baby, however there are some other Symptoms of pregnancy before missed periods.

The another comparatively more accurate symptoms of pregnancy is elevated basal body temperature, This is one of the most accurate method to detect the signs of early pregnancy in case of the chance of pregnancy before missed periods this method works by measuring the difference between the basal body temperate during two periods one before the ovulation period the fertile window and other after the period of fertile window but before missing periods , days before ovulation period the basal body temperature remains around 97.2 to 97.7 F and after the ovulation period this temperature rises from 0.4 to 1F and it again decreases to its normal state after the periods but in case of pregnancy this temperature elevated and that confirms the pregnancy to the most degree. Other than this some other signs include the structure of breasts during pregnancy the breats becomes sore ,tender and heavy this happens because during the pregnancy the hormones send signals to the breasts to get ready within 40 weeks. Fatigue , nausea and bloating with the feelings of tightness around the abdomen region also indicate the symptoms of Pregnancy before missed periods.

First Sign of Pregnancy

As already explained above one of the earliest sign to detect the pregnancy is the symptoms of the missing periods . The symptoms before the missing periods indicate the sign of pregnancy other than those symptoms there are some other signs which indicates the signs First signs of pregnancy and some or  those symptoms are as following.

In the first signs of pregnancy the increased urination is one of the most common sign when a female experiences the first signs of pregnancy she experiences herself to be urinating more than usual ever before , this happens because during the pregnancy the amount of blood in the body increases and then it causes the kidneys to process some extra amount of fluid which results in more than usual rate or urination.  Some other signs in  FIRST SIGN OF PREGNANCY  includes implantation bleeding cramping, mood swings, fatigue,nausea and increased cravings for food are the other FIRST SIGN OF PREGNANCY.


First Two Days of Pregnancy

Women typically experience some common and standards sets of symptoms throughout the pregnancy right from the day 1 or the day when women conceive the baby till the day of delivery. First two days of pregnancy are the days when a woman just conceives the baby and during such days none of the major visible changes occurs to the body, however during first two days of pregnancy a woman faces some other type of changes that just might or might not have started happening to the body in first two days. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, tiredness, tendered breasts and also some sort of light bleeding that a woman may experience during the First two days of pregnancy.

Breast tenderness is the earliest symptoms that come as soon as the first missed period other than that the morning sickness also occurs in the first few days of pregnancy in the form of nausea, vomiting and the tiredness.

Symptoms of Pregnancy at 1 Week

The first and the beginning week of the pregnancy as the pregnancy progresses there comes certain changes into the body which depicts the state of pregnancy. In the first week of the pregnancy, a woman experiences a series of changes in her body like gaining overall body weight, Breast getting tender , sore and also bigger in size due to hormonal signals. Backache and swollen ankles or feet also the body starts retaining more fluids due to the increase in the amount of blood in the body it causes kidneys to process more fluid retention which results in the more than usual urination urge.


Symptoms of Pregnancy at week 2

As every human body differs from one to other similarly the signs of pregnancy also differs from one woman to other. Some women to clearly experiences the Symptoms of pregnancy at week 2 while some other women are unable to see those symptoms at this early stage of pregnancy they experience such changes in later weeks. Seeing noticeable signs of pregnancy at week 2 is a hard concept to predict some most common changes may occur during this period such as includes implantation bleeding cramps, mood swings ,fatigue, nausea and an increased cravings of food these are the most common symptoms that pregnancy brings but sometimes such symptoms merely indicate the arrival of menstrual periods and this is why it becomes hard to predict pregnancy at this early stage . The symptoms may vary from one woman to  other


Symptoms of Pregnancy in first month

Pregnancy symptoms within the first one month, generally the menstrual cycle occurs after one month since the occurring of last menstrual cycle and if a woman gets pregnant the very first and the obvious sign of it will be the missing periods since and after the last menstrual cycle. Some women may still find it fine with the missing periods since they do not face additional symptoms of Pregnancy in first one month while some other women may start facing the other symptoms of pregnancy just before the date of their next menstrual cycle.

Generally in medical science the pregnancy is divided into three technical term called 3 trimester and each trimester is little longer than 12 weeks, the first month is the beginning of first trimester. The first trimester is the time that a sperm take in the fertilization of the egg and during that period a woman body goes through many changes.

Symptoms of Pregnancy at week 5 

By the end of week 5, some major changes start happening to the body of the pregnant from outside to inside and these changes can be felt now. Symptoms of pregnancy at week 5 depicts some amazing changes inside the womb of the mother by the end of this time the heart and the circulatory system of the baby have been developed and the level of HCG hormones in the body of mother is much enough that it may pass any pregnancy test.

By the end of this time the size of embryo becomes equivalent to the size of an orange seed. The heartbeats of the baby may become visible and all the major organs of the baby start getting developed.


Symptoms of Pregnancy at week 12

By the end of week 12 the symptoms of pregnancy start becoming very visible at the 12 week time of pregnancy the size of the belly becomes as big as the size of a plum so it starts being easily visible and noticeable to the others. By the end of this time the dimension of the fetus becomes approx 2.1 inches long and 49 ounces in weight.

All the important organs of the baby gets developed by this time and they start growing other symptoms may include the tender or the sore breasts , darker areolas around the nipples and increased skin pigmentations combined by the other symptoms of week 2 to week 8.

Symptoms of Pregnancy after Sex

Symptoms of pregnancy right after sex are very hard to predict that whether they are truly indicating the steps forwarding towards pregnancy or they are just the illusion like missed periods, sometimes a woman misses on her period just because of the hormonal imbalances.

Symptoms of pregnancy after sex are often illusionary that means it is too early to form the whole picture just on the basis of one or two indicators , you can not notice anything right away and most often anything that happens after the intercourse immediately such as spotting or increased discharge or some other symptoms they do not lead to pregnancy. In order to be little sure about the pregnancy symptoms there is a waiting window of next menstrual cycle that means just wait till you get your next menstrual cycle , and if there is some kind of disturbance or the periods are missed then there may be a chance of pregnancy.


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