Symptoms of Stroke & Ministroke in Men, Women & Dogs

Stroke is basically a condition in which the supply of blood to our brain stops suddenly and in this condition, the supply of oxygen does not reach to the brain cells and in lack of oxygen, they started to die. When this condition occurs it is named as stroke in which due to the death of brain cells the abilities of that area which are controlled by brains like as of memory and muscle control do not remain and are lost.

The amount of affected region of person due to stroke is completely depended on the area of brain where stroke occurs and this strength of stroke will decide how much part of the brain will damage like, if any person has got a small stroke then he will only suffer from some of the minor problems such as weakness in the arm or leg which is temporary while the person who has suffered from any heavier stroke may get paralyzed permanently from one side or can also lose their voice or their ability to speak. There are also some people who get fully recovered after getting stroke but this ratio is low as 2 out of 3 people gets any type of the disability.

Early Signs of Stroke

Due to the stroke, any of the nervous systems can get affected and it can cause the dysfunction. It has been seen that most of the symptoms of stroke appear at one side of the body of the person and it occurs instantly, if a transient attack occurs then the symptoms appear in their own and go away with time. So , here we are going to tell you about some warning signs of stroke which when appear should be taken seriously with all basic precautions let’s have a look below :

1 . Weakness or the paralysis of any part of the body.

2 . The feeling of dizziness.

3 . Numbness or the feeling pins and needles sensation in any part of the body.

4 . The change in vision or blurred vision , sometimes it may also feel trouble in the eyesight of any eye or it can be for both eyes.

5 . The person become confused in taking any kind of decision.

6 . Loss of memory.

7 . Inability in speaking , speech might get slurred or one can also feel the inability in understanding the speech.

8 . It has also been feel that a person can get the loss of sensation in any of the body part.

9 . Change in the behaviour of person.

10 . The movement of eyes become involuntary.

11 . Stiffness of muscles.

12 . The person feels difficulty in swallowing anything.

13 . The person gets severe headache which is completely different from any previous headache.

14 . Disturbance in gait or trouble during walk , you can also loose your balance and coordination.

So , these above are some of the early warning signs and symptoms which one can face during or before the occurrence of stroke.

What is a ministroke? 

This the most asked question, what is ministroke or how is it different from stroke now we are going to tell you about ministroke. The transient ischemic attack is also considered as the mini-stroke or TIA, this occurs when any part of our brain do not receive blood flow or get the temporary lack of the flow of blood this symptom is almost same as stroke which gets away after 24 hours of appearance. As we have learn that in stroke brain tissues of the body get damaged while in ministroke this type of activities does not occur. Stroke causes permanent disability, although the symptoms of ministroke are same as of the stroke so if you get any of the symptoms of mini stroke or TIA then you should immediately contact to your doctor.

Signs of Ministroke

Now, we are going to tell you about some of the signs and symptoms of mini stroke or TIA which will indicate you before having an attack so that you will be able to take proper care and medical treatment if required. Let’s have a look below :

1 . Change in vision

2 . Feeling of tingling

3 . Passing out

4 . You can feel trouble while speaking which is known as dysphasia

5 . Confusion

6 . An altered level of consciousness

7 . An abnormal sense of smell

8 . Your sense of taste will get affected feels abnormal

9 . Balance issue

10 . Dizziness

11 . The feeling of weakness or numbness only at the one side of your body or face it will be depended on the location where your blood has the clot in the brain.

FAST ( Facial drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties, Time )

Acting the procedures of FAST can immediately prevent you from getting severe stroke and the patient can get treatment on early levels. You can do the treatments of stroke and they will work very best of the symptoms of stroke will be recognized and diagnosed within 3 hours till the first symptom of it appears. So if any symptom from FAST appears than you will be needed to quickly take action over it so the FAST are :

* F ( Facial drooping ) – In this, a portion of your face mostly on one side of face will be drooping or becomes very hard to move , you can easily recognize this symptom by a crooked smile of the suffering person.

* A ( Arm weakness ) – The person who is going to have stroke will become unable to raise his arm completely.

* S ( Speech difficulties ) – The person may feel difficulty in understanding or producing speech.

* T ( Time ) – So , if any of these above symptoms appear in body or shows then time is the first priority so take the emergency service or go immediately to the hospital.

Causes of Stroke

Now, we are going to tell you about some of the causes by which one can get the strokes so the causes are as below :

1. High blood pressure High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and this is one of the biggest cause of having stroke , if you are having high blood pressure around the 140/90 or higher then you are at the great risk of developing or causing stroke so , if you are having problem of high blood pressure than it is important for you to take proper medication and treatment.

2. Tobacco – The another thing tobacco is also a very important and main cause of stroke , chewing or smoking tobacoo can cause stroke in you as it contain nicotine which can raise up the pressure of blood in your body and smoking ciggratte can cause to build up a fatty region around the main artery of your neck. This can thick the concentration of blood in your body and make it to clot earlier than normal , even the second-hand smoke can also cause the stroke.

3. Heart disease – This is also one of the main condition of getting stroke , if you are having any defect in valves of your heart or any situation of artrial fibrillation , irregular heartbeat can cause stroke specially in the elder proper this can also clog the fatty deposits in your blood arteries.

4. Diabetes – It is one of the another cause of stroke which plays important role if you are a diabetic person then you will also having the problem of high blood pressure and due to diabetes you may also become overweight both of these are the cause which can lead the chance of stroke in a person. Due to diabetes the blood vessels of a person may get damaged which can cause stroke and if the symptoms of stroke appear during the high blood sugar than injury to your brain will increase.

5. Weight and exercise – If you are overweight and do less exercise than you are at the great risk of developing symptoms of stroke so it is advised you to have a daily 30 minute walk or do the exercises of muscle strengthening like as push ups or working with weight.

6. Medications – There are also some of the medicines and treatment which can increase the chances of getting stroke so for this you should have proper check up , there are some blood – thinning drugs which are suggested by doctor and this can also lead to stroke as it increase the amount of bleeding. There are also some of the hormone therapy like one is used for the menopause condition in which the person is at great risk of developing stroke , if you are having low dose of estrogen which are mostly found in the birth control pills this can also cause stroke.

7. Age This is the another condition of stroke , there is no particular age you can get stroke in any age even the babies who are unborn can get stroke although the changes of having stroke in old age increases specially after the age of 55.

8. Family – This family history can also lead you toward stroke if there is any condition of stroke in your family than you are also at the risk of having it. If any of your relative , parents having high blood pressure or diabetes can lead you towards stroke and some of the symptoms of stroke can also come due to the genetic disorder in which the flow of blood in your brain gets block.

9. Gender – Gender is also very effective in stroke condition , it has been researched that women are at the great risk of developing stroke as compared to man on the same age of life although they mostly get stroke during old age due to which it becomes less prominent to recover or they even die due to this.

10. Race – It has been seen that the people of African – American and non white Hispanic Americans are most prior to get stroke as these are the genetic conditions in them.

Symptoms of Stroke

Till now we have learned a lot about stroke , its causes and much more now we are going to learn about symptoms of it in different cases. Now , we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms which are very common in a person who is having the stroke so here are some of the symptoms of stroke in brain as follows :

1. Having trouble in speaking and understanding

You can also get the situation of confusion in which your words may get slur and can also cause difficulty in your understanding level of speech.

2. Paralysis or numbness of face, arm or leg

You may even feel the symptoms of sudden numbness , weakness or the paralysis in regions of your face , arm or legs mostly it only appears at the single side of your body. So , in this situation you should try to raise up your both arms upward above your heat simultaneously if you feels that one arms falls down involuntary or on it’s own that it may be possible you are having Stroke and you will also feel that one side of your mouth may also droops when you are trying to smile.

3. The trouble with the seeing with one or both eyes

You may also get blurred vision or blackened vision in which you can feel difficulty in seeing from one eye or either from both eyes this is also an indication if having the stroke.

4. A headache

The person can experience a sudden and very severe headache which can also be accompanied by the vomiting, dizziness or altered consciousness this may also be an indication of having stroke.

5. Trouble with walking

You can also experience or stumble an instant dizziness or loss in balancing or the loss of coordination.

Symptoms of Stroke in Men

Now , we are going to tell you about some of the common signs of stroke in men which can be shown although the initial symptom of a stroke is an inability to speak, let us have a look below Orr different symptoms of men :

1 . Eyes : In men, you will see that there is trouble in sight with one eye or it can be in both eyes.

2 . Stomach: You will have the feeling of sickness it throwing up.

3 . Face , arms or legs : It has been seen that on having stroke one can get sudden paralysis , numbness or weakness in body which is mostly at the one side.

4 . Head : You will feel the sudden and very severe headache which is unusual

5 . Body : During stroke there is a feeling of fatigue or sometimes trouble during breathing.

6 . Legs : You can feel sudden dizziness , loss of balance , trouble in walking or improper coordination.


So , these are some of the symptoms which can be faced by men while having stroke , these symptoms may also vary depending on the part of brain which has been affected.

Stroke Risk factors

Above we read for the symptoms of stroke in men now there are some risk factors which are completely unique in men let us have a look over these factors –

* Tennessee

* Mississippi

* Georgia

* Alabama

* South Carolina

* Louisiana

* North Carolina

* Arkansas

It has been seen that men born in above of the places are at the great risk of developing stroke in them and these regions are known as ” stroke belt”.

Symptoms of Stroke in Women

We have studied that women are at the great risk of developing stroke than men and now , we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms of stroke which are completely unique to women let us have a look over them :

* Pain

* Trouble in breathing

* Nausea or vomiting

* General weakness

* Hiccups

* Seizures

* Fainting or loss of consciousness

There are also some of the different conditions which can lead them stroke which are depending  on mental state these conditions are as follows :

* Agitation

* Unresponsiveness

* Confusion

* Hallucination

* Disorientation

* Sudden behavioral changes

Signs of Stroke in Dogs

Stroke is not only limited to people it can also appear in animals and the signs of stroke are almost similar in human and animals , there are some of the symptoms of human which are not founded in man like as of memory loss , slurred speech etc and these symptoms completely vary which is depended on the location of stroke over brain. So all of these symptoms can be seen in human although they can be seen in animals but they can not speak so they feel dizzy and it also happens that some of the symptoms remain unnoticed in animals. So, now we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms or signs of stroke which can be seen in dog. The signs of stroke in dogs are as follows :

1 . Inability at the time of walking or with the uncoordinated gait.

2 . Tilting in head.

3 . The movement of eyes in dogs become abnormal which can be side to side or in the rotary motion , this condition is known as nystagmus.

4 . The positions of eyes will also seem abnormal and this condition is known as the stabismus.

5 . Loss of consciousness.

6 . Blindness

7 . Falling towards one of the side.

8 . Abnormal behaviour of dog can also be seen.

9 . Symptoms appear rapidly.


So , these above are some of the symptoms of stroke which can be seen in dog. When you see any of the above symptom then it is necessary to immediately contact your doctor it is very important as a carelessness can lead to death.


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