Early Signs and Symptoms of a UTI

UTI is basically known as the Urinary Tract Infection which can develop to both men and women by several means and reasons. It is mainly caused by the action of microbes which causes infection in the urinary tract , these infection-causing organisms are very small that they can not be seen by the naked eyes so we need a microscope to see them. It has been concluded that most of the UTIs are caused by the action of bacteria but there are also some Urinary infections which h can even be caused due to fungi or viruses in rare cases , this infection is one of the most common infection encountered in humans.

Definition of UTI

The urinary tract infection or UTI is basically an infection which affects the different regions of urinary tract , if the lower part of urinary tract gets infected then it is known as the bladder infection or cystitis and if text upper part of bladder gets infected then it is known as text kidney infection or pyelonephritis.

There are various causes and symptoms of UTI which can develop this infection among humans. You can develop the infection in any of the reason of your urinary tract , the urinary tract consists of kidneys , bladder , ureters and urethra most of the urinary tract infection occur only in urethra and bladder and sometimes they can also include ureters and kidneys although they are very rare but can not be neglected. Urinary tract infections are more common among adults as compared to children but around 1 to 2 percent of children can also develop these urinary tract infections and the infection which occurs in children is much more severe then in adults. It is been researched that the UTI is more common among women as compared to men who are younger then the age of 50 years , around 40 % of women and the 12 % of men develops urinary tract infection at the same phase of their lives , if this infection is only limited to your bladder then it can become painful and annoying to you.

Risk factors for the Urinary Tract Infection

The risk factors of getting UTI are almost same in both men and women but additional unique risk factors among men can be the enlarged prostate. So , let us have a look over different risk factors which can develop Urinary Tract Infection among humans :

1. Shorter Urethra – This is basically the risk factor which is experienced by a woman , so the length and location of the urethra in woman can increase the risk of developing UTI , as the urethra in women is very close to both vagina and anus so the bacteria which are naturally available around the vagina or anus can easily reach to urethra and can cause infection there not only in urethra even in the whole urinary tract. Anatomically the size of urethra in women is small as compared to men and the bacteria needs to travel a very small distance for entering into bladder therefore women’s are at great risk of developing urinary tract infection as compared to men.

2. Sexual intercourse – At the time of sexual intercourse, a pressure is felt by the urinary tract of females which can lead to the movement of bacteria from anus or vagina into the bladder. Most of the women gets bacteria in their vagina or urine after having intercourse although body on it’s own get rid of these bacteria within 24 hours the bowel bacteria is the one which have the capability of getting stick to the bladder inspite of getting out of body.

3. Spermicides – The use of spermicides also increases the risk of UTI in women and it can also cause skin irritation to most of the women. This act increases the risk of entering the bacteria into urinary bladder and causing infection.

4 . Use of the condom during sex – The latex condoms which are non lubricated can increase the friction and cause irritation to the skin of women at the time of any sexual intercourse with help of condom this can increase the risk of developing UTI. Now , we do not say that exploit the use of condom because condoms are very necessary to use at the time of intercourse for preventing unwanted pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs but we suggest you to use the properly lubricated condoms or use enough water based lubricant oftenly during the time of sexual intercourse.

5 . Diaphragms – Any irregularity in diaphragm or enlarged diaphragm can cause the shortening of urethra by putting pressure on her it which decreases the bladder size and makes it more prone to develop the infection.

6 . Decrease in the estrogen level – After the situation of menopause the estrogen level among women gets decreased and then it also changes the situation and amount of normal bacteria which is actually present in your vagina and this action also leads you to watch the great risk of developing urinary tract infection or UTI.

Causes of UTI

As , we have also discussed earlier a little bit that there are various and different causes by which urinary tract infection can spread into your body. So , now we are going to discuss about the urinary tract infection causes among both men and women.Any of the thing which leads your bladder to cause irritation or reduces emptying of it can cause UTI. There are lots of factors which can lead you towards the development of Urinary Tract Infection or UTI some of these factors are :

1 . Age is the major factor in the field of developing UTI the adults who are having older age most probably gets this infection as compared to the children of younger age.

2 . The reduction in mobility of body after any kind of surgery or prolonged bed rest can also develop UTI.

3 . Stones in the kidney is also one of the cause of developing Urinary tract infection.

4 . If you have been suffered from UTI previously in your lifetime then you are at the great risk of developing it again in your later life phase.

5 . Any blockage or obstructions in the urinary tract like due to the enlarged prostate , kidney stone or any kind of cancer can lead you towards the UTI.

6 . The long time use of urinary catheters makes the easy way for the bacteria to get entered into your bladder which is the cause of getting UTI.

7 . If any person is suffering from diabetes and the control over it is very poor then he or she is at the great risk of developing urinary tract infection or UTI.

8 . Pregnancy is another major cause among women fro developing UTI.

9 . There can be some abnormalities which are from birth in the structure of urinary tract , this abnormality can also lead you towards the development of UTI.

10 . The another important cause of Urinary tract infection is weak immune system.

So , these above mentioned points are some of the major causes by which one can develop the urinary tract infection or UTI either male or female.

Causes of UTI in men

Let us come to learn about the unique causes of UTI which can develop into men and are harmful for them. As we know that the UTI is more common among women as compared to men but still there are some causes due to which it can develop among men. The men who are having older age are more likely to be prone towards UTI the major reason of it is that during old age the enlargement of prostate gland develops which is noncancerous and this condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. In this situation prostate get wrap all over around the neck of the bladder at which urethra gets attached with urinary bladder. Due to the enlargement if prostate gland the neck of bladder gets choke off which makes the passage or free flow of urine a quite difficult. Now , with this situation the bladder do not get empty fully due to which bacteria do not get flushed out and remain in urinary bladder which can cause UTI. There are some more factors or causes of UTI in men which are presented below –


1 .  Being immobile for the long duration of time.

2 . The less intake of water or fluids.

3 . Any kind of recent surgery for urinary tract.

4 . Being uncircumcised

5 . Suffering from diabetes

6 . Fecal incontinence

7 . Being engaged in the anal intercourse which can expose the urethra towards bacteria.


So , these were some of the major causes of developing urinary tract infection among men.


Can males get UTI from females?

This is one of the most you asked question by everyone that is it possible for males to get UTI from females ,the answer to this question is No. During any kind of sexual intercourse females are more prone to get UTI due to the pressure which develops at that time , as it is not a sexually transmitted disease and only gets infected by the naturally occurring bacteria in body so it is not possible for any make to get UTI from females during any sexual activity. Males can develop UTI on their own due to various different factors or causes.

Symptoms of UTI

Now , we are going to discuss or learn about the symptoms which one can experience while having UTI. As we know that UTI is of two types upper urinary tract infection and lower urinary tract infection , both UTIs have different symptoms let us come to know about both of them :

Symptoms of Lower urinary tract infection

The lower urinary tract consists of bladder and urethra , this infection is most likely and common to occur among both men and women. Now, let us come to know about its symptoms –

1 . Bladder: The infection which is caused in bladder is termed as cystis or bladder infection. In this situation the lining of urethra and bladder gets inflamed and irritated which causes uncomfortability.

2 . Dysuria : This is the situation which is faced most commonly during UTI , in dysuria the suffering people can face the pain or burning sensation at the time of urination which can even last after it.

3 . Frequency: During UTI the frequency of urination gets increased , one can experience most frequent urination with a very small amount of excreted urine. Some people also face the problem of nocturia in which they wake up in night to get urinated.

4 . Urinary urgency : The another symptom which one can experience during UTI is urgency to urinate with a little amount of excretion.

5 . Sometimes it has been also encountered that text urine contains blood, bad smell or foul odor and seems cloudy.

6 . The suffering person can also feel the pain in lower abdomen or pelvic pressure.

7 . Urethra: A burning sensation is felt at the time of urination.

8 . Mild fever : When the UTI increases the suffering person can also get a mild fever with chills or the feeling of malaise that is not feeling well.

So , these all were the symptoms of lower urinary tract infection now , were going to discuss about the symptoms which one can face during upper urinary tract infection.


Symptoms of upper Urinary Tract Infection

The upper urinary tract consists of kidney and it is also termed as kidney infection or pyelonephritis. If you develop the upper YTI then the symptoms develop very rapidly. Let us come to know about some of the symptoms which one can feel during the upper urinary tract infection :


  1. The basic symptoms of this UTI is high fever , the suffering person can get a high fever with shivering.

2 . Shaking of body and feeling of chill.

  1. The feeling of Nausea.

4 . Vomiting

5 . He or she can also experience the pain at the back or side part just around the waist level.

So , these were some of the functions which can be encountered in the person who is suffering from upper urinary tract infection. Different aged people show different symptoms or indication of urinary tract infection like –

* In newborns : The new born baby can also get UTI and tell symptoms include fever or hypothermia ( low temperature ) , jaundice , poor feeding.

* In infants : The symptoms which can be faced by infants are diarrhea , vomiting , not thriving , poor feeding , fever.

* Children : The children can develop following signs and symptoms eating poorly , unexplained fever which do not go , irritability , loss of bowel control , change in the pattern of urination.

* Elder people : They can experience the situation of fever or hypothermia , lethargy , poor appetite , change in the mental status.

Note : The women who are pregnant are at the great risk of developing UTI so it is necessary for them to get proper checkup of their urine as it can lead complications for baby.

How to get rid of UTI

There are various ways by help of which you can easily get rid from the Urinary Tract Infection or UTI , you can either use antibiotics or any home remedies which will help you in curing this problem. Now , we are going to share three methods by which you are able to get rid from UTI or take precautions in before :

1 . Seeking the medical treatment for UTI

If you feels that you are going to develop UTI then you have to immediately contact to your doctor. It is very common to get this infection but it seems quite unpleasant and uncomfortable so , first of all clearly examine the symptoms of UTI in your body and then get to know that you are having the upper urinary tract infection or the lower urinary tract infection. As there are different symptoms for both of these infections so clearly examine them and talk to your doctor about it. After estimating the disease you need to go to your doctor immediately and tell him all your problem. He will take some tests for the confirmation of UTI and then he will give you the proper medication or the dose of antibiotics after getting know about the bacteria which is causing URI in your body. So , take the proper and complete course of antibiotics to avoid any chances of future development for UTI. You are also be needed to get aware about any kind of potential or severe complications which can be caused due to UTI as these complications are very severe and harmful so be aware about them.

2 . Alleviating a UTI at home

You can also use lots of home remedies for getting rid from UTI. These are completely safe and friendly which will help you a lot. Below we are going to tell about some of them which will help you in curing any UTI infection.

*Drink plenty of water

You should drink a proper amount of water to avoid dehydration of your body this will also help you in getting protected from any reoccurrence of UTI after antibiotic treatment so , drink around 8 to 10 glass of water daily or you can also exceed the amount.

* Cranberry juice

The consumption of cranberry juice is very helpful home remedy for getting rid from urinary tract infection or UTI this will also protect you from developing any kind of further urinary infection after a treatment. So , you need to drink it just take care that you or your family do not have any kind of kidney infection in history as it can lead to the complications at this situation. So avoid it if you have any kind of kidney problem.

* Vitamin C

When you feel that you are developing the symptoms of UTI we suggest you to take proper amount of Vitamin C you can also take it in the form of capsules this will help the infection to do not grow further and limit the development. Take appropriate amount of vitamin C daily.

* Avoid consuming irritants

There are various things which we consume and they are irritants so , if you are having UTI then avoid the consumption of irritants as it can increase the infection , the basic irritants which you need to avoid at this situation are coffee and alcohol.

3 . Staying hygienic and healthy

This is the major precaution which should be taken by you either you are having UTI or not but the personal hygiene is very important. We suggest you to maintain the perfect level of urinary hygiene which will prevent any kind of urinary tract infection to get spreaded. After having sex or urine clean yourself properly and also gets urinated after having sex as it will remove some of the bacteria from your body. The another thing about which you should take care is proper clothing. It is very important to wear right and comfortable clothes , you should avoid tight fitting underwear as they can develop moisture which can lead the growth of bacteria.

So , these are some of the preventive measures which can help you a lot in getting rid from urinary tract infection or UTI.

Closure ,

So , this was about the urinary tract information , we gave you almost all of the necessary and important information with the basic causes and risk factors of develop UTI , we also provide you the full guide of symptoms which can be develop by one who is suffering from the urinary tract infection so we suggest you to take proper precautions and care , if you are also having these symptoms then visit your doctor immediately and take complete antibiotic treatment with home remedies. Hope you will like this article and share your views with us.

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