Symptoms of Walking Pneumonia in Kids (Babies)

Pneumonia is basically a bacterial infection which is caused by the bacteria, this infection causes inflame in the air sacs of lungs either to one or in both lungs. During pneumonia air sacs of lungs get filled up by fluid or pus ( purulent material ) which causes to cough with pus or phlegm. There […]

Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma is basically a disease of lungs in which the breathing rate gets affected. The basic cause of asthma is the chronic problems in the passage of breathing as these inflammations during breathing passage in the asthma patient can make the breathing tubes or airways very sensitive to lots of triggers. In the common term […]

Early Symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB) in Chest & Throat

Tuberculosis or TB is a disease which is infectious that is being plagued over human from a very long time since from the Neolithic times, there are basically two different types of organisms which are responsible for the cause of tuberculosis which are Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis both of these can cause TB in […]

Symptoms of Stroke & Ministroke in Men, Women & Dogs

Stroke is basically a condition in which the supply of blood to our brain stops suddenly and in this condition, the supply of oxygen does not reach to the brain cells and in lack of oxygen, they started to die. When this condition occurs it is named as stroke in which due to the death […]

Symptoms of Type 1& Type 2 Diabetes in Men,Women & Children

Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus is basically a group of metabolic disease , in this disease the level of blood glucose or blood sugar of a person gets increased which can be due to the inadequate production of insulin or it may be possible that the cell of your body are not working […]

Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is basically a very hard and crystalline substance which gets formed within our urinary tract or kidney. The stone of kidney is also known as the very common cause of having blood in your urine which is known as hematuria. This may also lead you towards the severe abdomen pain , flank or […]

Early Signs and Symptoms of a UTI

UTI is basically known as the Urinary Tract Infection which can develop to both men and women by several means and reasons. It is mainly caused by the action of microbes which causes infection in the urinary tract , these infection-causing organisms are very small that they can not be seen by the naked eyes […]

Symptoms of Appendicitis in Children & Adults, Causes & Appendicitis Signs

How does appendicitis start? A contaminated addendum is a disturbance of the informative supplement. Signs frequently fuse right lower stomach torment, squeamishness, spewing, and reduced craving. Regardless, about 40% of people don’t have these normal side effects. Outrageous entrapments of a split enlightening supplement fuse extensive, troublesome disturbance of the inward covering of the stomach […]

Symptoms of Heart Attack in Men & Women, Causes

Heart attack definition or what is Heart attack? The heart attack is a situation in which the flow of blood towards the heart is blocked due to which the tissue loses oxygen and dies. A heart assault happens when there is a sudden finish blockage of a conduit that provisions blood to a zone of […]

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders, Types & Causes

How do you develop anxiety? Or why do we have anxiety or what is anxiety attack? or definition of anxiety Nervousness is a feeling portrayed by an obnoxious condition of internal turmoil, frequently joined by apprehensive conduct, for example, pacing forward and backward, substantial protests, and rumination. It is the subjectively repulsive sentiments of fear […]