Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection Definition

A vaginal yeast infection is a fungal infection which is caused by the yeast ( it is also a type of fungi ) which is caused in women. Another name for vaginal yeast infection is yeast vaginitis, candidal vulvovaginitis or candidal vaginitis as we have also told you earlier that it is an infection caused by the fungus or yeast and the scientific name of that yeast is Candida so , most of the vaginal infections around 90% are caused by the Candida albicans it is an species of yeast there are also some of the Candida species which makes the remainder or other yeast infections in humans.

Candida species of yeast is present naturally in a woman’s vagina without even causing any harm to the women or creating any kind of symptoms and it has also been found that around 20 to 50 Percent of women are having this species Candida in their vagina without causing any harm. When the balance of bacteria and yeast gets disturbed the one can easily develop the infection by the overgrowth of yeast in their vagina which leads to complications. Yeast infection is not limited to women the men can also get it there is not much to tell about yeast infection in men but we should know that if proper hygiene is not maintain then in such situation men can get the infection over the frontal part of their penis which can create problems for them.

Male yeast infection symptoms

So , now we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms of yewast infection in men which will help to diagnose it in early stage and can get early medication or required treatment lets check them below :

1 . Memory loss

2 . Constipation or Diarrhea

3 .Poor sexual function

4 .Halitosis which mean bad breath

5 . Digestive problems like as of bloating or gas

6 . Irritability

7 . Lack of energy

How do you get a yeast infection

When a woman has any sexual contact than at this time growth of yeast increases drastically and can spread due to the sexual contact but this never means that vaginal yeast infection can transmit sexually or it is not a sexually transmitted disease as this infection can also be developed by those women who are inactive sexually and this is because yeast is present naturally in the women’s vagina and when getting the proper environment production of it can grow easily, this is one of the common infection develop in women around 75% of women get it in their life time. Now, we are going to discuss the signs and symptoms of vaginal yeast infection in women which will help them in taking treatment.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection

Every problem or disease has some symptoms when they started to begin in once life , now we are going to discuss the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection let us have a look over :

1 . Feeling of soreness or pain in the part of a vagina or at the vaginal opening.

2 . The sensation of burning in the vagina during intercourse or at the time of urination.

3 . Itching, burning or irritation of vagina or vulva which is the surrounding tissue of vagina.

4. Rashes

5 . A thick white colored and odorless discharge from the vagina which looks like a cottage cheese or watery discharge.

Yeast Infection in Men Pictures

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In some site, we can also develop a complicated infection of yeast which develops with more severe or complicated symptoms and in a year around four or more infections can appear. In this, you can also get severe swelling, redness, itching etc. The complicated yeast infection can also be caused by some medical conditions like pregnancy , having a weak immune system, uncontrolled diabetes and this is due to the presence of Candida fungus which is also opposed by the Candida albicans, below we are also going to tell you the symptoms of complicated yeast infections :

1 . If you are pregnant

2 . You may have some severe symptoms like of extensive redness, swelling, and itching which can lead to the tears or cracks or sores.

3. You will get more than four or four yeast infection in a year.

4. If you are having uncontrolled diabetes.

5 . If you are having a yeast infection from other than Candida albicans species.

6 . The immune system can also be weak due to any medication or condition like as of HIV infection.

Causes of Vaginal Yeast Infection

So , above we told you about the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection now below we are going to tell you about some of the causes of vaginal infection by which you can get it to read them carefully as you will be able to take proper precautions against it. You can easily get the vaginal yeast infection by the introduction of new yeast in your vaginal part or by developing the growth of yeast in your body by any kind of activities which is harmful to your body. As we have also told you earlier that the vaginal infection is caused by the fungus Candida and the vagina of women already contain the balanced mixture of Candida , yeast and bacteria which is not harmful to our body.

Our body also has lactobacillus bacteria which helps in reducing the overgrowth of yeast and prevent you from getting infected whenever this balance gets disturbed you might easily develop this infection which can be irritant. When you have the increased growth of vagina then this can easily cause burning , vaginal itching and other classic signs or symptoms of infection of yeast. From the overgrowth of yeast you are easily able to get the infection and it can be caused by following :

* Pregnancy

* Impaired or weak immune system

* Use of antibiotics which effects the lactobacillus bacteria and reduces it which in result increases the growth of yeast in your vagina and it will also change the pH level of your vagina

* Uncontrolled diabetes

* If you are having hormone therapy or taking any kind of oral contraceptive then this will increase the level of estrogen in your body.

The most common fungus which causes yeast infection is the Candida albicans and sometimes it can also be possible that other candida fungus cause this infection. There are some of the very easy and common treatment by which infection of Candida albicans can be treated but the infection which is caused by the result of any other kind of Candida fungus then it will be quite difficult to treat and will require some more of the aggressive therapies. You can also develop a normal yeast infection after having any kind of sexual contact or activities especially in the case of oral-genital sexual contact although yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted disease a sexual contact can increase the growth of it. You can also develop a yeast infection after having an injury in the internal vagina or by the action of chemotherapy.

Risk of getting a vaginal yeast infection

Female Yeast Infection

After getting all of these information we were also wanted to know that which factors can increase the growth of yeast in vagina as there are some particular conditions in which the chances of infection increases , the women who are having weak immune system or the condition of their immune system is decreased than you are more prone to develop a yeast infection especially in those women who are undergoing with cancer or at the stage of getting cancer chemotherapy, the women’s who are having diabetes or getting steroid medications.

* The women who are pregnant and having oral contraceptive are at the great risk of developing a yeast infection.

* Increased intake of antibiotics due to any reason reduces the number of lactobacillus bacteria which prevent the overgrowth of yeast infection in the vagina.

* You should also take care for the moisture in the genital part , it is necessary to reduce the moisture present at the private part as the moisture can increase amount of yeast infection in your vagina so for reducing it wear cotton underwear or the underwear which are having cotton crotch , also wear loose fitted pants and avoid wearing prolonged wet workout hear or bath suits and this will also help the reduction in getting increased yeast growth.

* The women’s who are having a high level of estrogen which is increased are at the great risk of developing yeast infection and this mostly occurs in those who are taking contraceptive pills or oral pills for birth control.

So, these above are some of the basic and mostly impacted risk factors which can have an adverse effect on your infection and these all conditions are also able to grow yeast infection drastically. Now , it is also very important to prevent the yeast infection so now we are going to know about some of the preventive activities which will help you in taking proper care of yourself.

Prevention of vaginal yeast infection

The only method of preventing yourself from the yeast infection is having proper genital hygiene there we are going to provide some of the methods of preventing vaginal yeast infection note then below :


1 . You should keep your vaginal area properly clean and also use mild , water and unscented soap after it rinses well.

2 . After coming from toilet you should properly wipe your anus to vagina from front up to back for avoiding any spread of yeast or bacteria in your vagina or urinary tract.

3 . You should not wear tightly fitted underwear and use those which are comfortable and will keep the genital part completely dry and do not contain any kind of warmth and moisture so it will be better for getting cotton underwear.

4 . Always avoid pantyhose or tight-fitting jeans as tight fitted clothes will create a problem for you and it may also increase the heat of body and moisture in the genital region.

5 . During menstruation always change your pad or tampon often.

6 . You should also change your wet swimsuit on correct time right away as wearing the wet swimsuit for the long time or many hours it can increase the warm and moist in your genital area.

7 . We also suggest you for not using deodorant tampons or the feminine sprays , powders , perfumes etc as this kind of items are able to change the balance of the vital organisms in your vagina.


So , these all are some of the points by which you can prevent yourself from developing yeast infection and facing further problems. If you are thinking that there is any chance of complication or having a complicated yeast infection then you will require the long-term treatments as the only long course vaginal therapy and multi-dose oral formulations require the maintenance medications are required you will be needed to take regular drugs for preventing you from returning the vaginal infection.

In the therapy of long course vaginal treatment, you will get it cured by vaginal cream, tablet , ointment or suppository mostly for around 7 to 14 days it has been also seen that two or three doses of oral fluconazole are also given to the infected person instead of giving direct vaginal therapy. If it is found that symptoms of infection are very severe then you may also be prescribed by a doctor to take topical steroids for few days so that symptoms may also reveal symptoms of it during the work of antifungal medication work.

When you use any kind of antifungal then before if you are advised to be sure first of all about the symptoms that they are of yeast infection as it can create trouble for you if symptoms were not of the yeast infection so above we have provided you some symptoms of yeast infection by which you can match yours and you should also not to oversee the antifungal medicines as this can make your body resistant towards yeast and further in life it will not work anymore when required. Later on you will also be required to for the maintenance medicine sometimes which begins just after the treatment from any method gets finished this treatment will also require weekly treatment for around 6 months with oral fluconazole or with the vaginal clotrimazole.

Although, vaginal infection is not a serious problem it can become complicated if left over and proper prevention will not be taken to keep proper care for you and avoid hot tub or hot baths which can increase moisture near genital part and this will also increase the growth of yeast. So , this was all about the vaginal yeast infection and for it you will also be looking for some cure therefore we are also going to tell you a little bit about the home remedies by the help of which you will be able to cure yourself if by any means you get infected through it.

How to get rid of yeast infection

We have learned almost everything about vaginal yeast infection but after getting it we need to cure the infection and for this we have brought some of the home remedies which will help you in getting rid of the vaginal infection let us look below :

1. Greek yogurt

Yogurt is an essential part which will help you a lot in curing vaginal infection as we know that yogurt acts as a probiotic because it has some live bacteria like as of Lactobacillus acidophilus which helps in controlling the growth of yeast in the vagina and provides a healthy environment to you. This will help you in reducing the overgrowth of yeast due to an imbalanced nature.

2. Boric acid

Boric acid is known as one of the best and strong antiseptic and it has been reviewed by many women that this acid is helpful in treating or preventing yeast infection especially those which are resistant to any kind of home remedy. The nature of boric acid is toxic to a very large amount and this can easily lead you towards the kidney damage, acute failure of your circulatory system or even lead you towards death if a large amount of boric acid will absorb by your body. So, for avoiding any such kind of infection we suggest you not to use the boric acid at any part of skin which is broken or do not consume it orally and the pregnant women are strictly advised not to use this boric acid in any of the forms. Do not use boric acid in concentrated form before applying to your vagina or vulva area add water to it.

3. Essential oil of oregano

You can easily get the oregano or origanum marjoram from any grocery shop in the spice section of it , the oils of oregano is also used for curing vaginal yeast infection so , you should look for the oregano oil which is only made up of wild oregano or Origanum vulgare which have thymol and carvacrol these are the best antifungals. The oregano oil is also used for thinning blood in different health conditions but it also has a very good effect on the yeast infection. As we know that essential oils are hard and they should not be consumed orally while you can inhale them or use them with any carrier.

4. Coconut oil

Another home remedy in this list is coconut oil which is also very effective over yeast infection as we know that coconut oil is a fatty oil which has been derived from the coconut flesh and this oil is having a lot of benefits for health from which one is antifungal properties. It has been seen that coconut oil is very effective towards the C. albicans and it really works so you can use pure coconut oil for treating your vaginal infection and it can also be applied directly over the affected area or part.

5. Tea tree oil

Another important and effective home remedy is with tea tree oil which is also an essential oil and especially used for killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi so it has been studied that tea tree oil is also effective for the vaginal yeast infection and it will help you in getting rid of it. It has been also believed that tea tree oil can maintain the healthy balance of Flora within your vagina. Before applying it you should mix it with any carrier oil like as of coconut oil or jojoba oil which will give you the vaginal suppository.

How long does Yeast Infection last

This is also one of the most asked question that for how much time does yeast infection last basically this factor depends on two different kinds of situation one is how severe is the yeast infection and the second thing on which it depends is the procedure of treatment. If you are having a mild fever then it get treated very early in very less time in around of three days and sometimes it also does not require any kind of treatment , but if you are having the yeast infection which is from the moderate amount to severe then it might also take some weeks to cure and also require proper medication or treatment.

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